Project update - September 2023

Improvements along 37 Street S.W. are now complete. 

The new boulevard along 37 Street are under a maintenance contract until the fall of 2024, so during this time please do not cut the grass in the boulevard area. There are areas where the boulevard has turned brown because the sod did not establish. We will be back in the spring to replace the sod in these areas to ensure they take root and establish.

The bump outs along 37 Street were planted with a variety of native grasses, sedges and perennials. These areas were designed to assist with stormwater collection, and to add native plant material and habitat to the street. The mix in this area includes flowers, which are great pollinators for bugs and bees contributing to a healthy urban ecosystem. We ask residents to not mow or cut these areas, so they can establish in the area. 

Project Scope

The City has developed streetscape master plans for 37 Street S.W. based on feedback, technical analysis, and financial considerations. The plans support the needs identified by the community and provides a vision that guides the detailed design and construction phases.

The final design for the 37 Street Main Street projects includes:

  • We are narrowing the road to slow traffic and create a boulevard, which provides more separation for pedestrians from traffic; this also moves traffic further away from homes that front 37 Street and allows more space for street trees. The additional space allows for approximately 300 new trees planted on 37 Street S.W.
  • Road resurfacing will take place between Bow Trail and Richmond Road S.W.
  •  The lanes on 37 Street are a mix of lane widths right now, and will be a consistent 3.3m wide once construction is completed.
  • Enhanced pedestrian crossings across side streets will be built through curb extension and the sidewalk on the west side will be wider and separated from traffic by a green boulevard.
  • A multi-use path will be installed on the east side of 37 Street to support a variety of users and separate speeds.
  • New parking restrictions will be enforced on 37 Street. Parking will be restricted, Monday to Friday, between 7 and 9 a.m. and between 3 and 6 p.m. There will be no parking restrictions along 37 Street S.W. on weekends.  

What will 37 Street look like?

Project background

37 Street SW (Bow Trail-Richmond) underwent the “design” step of the Main Streets program in 2018 and 2019. The City developed a streetscape master plan for 37 Street S.W. based on feedback, technical analysis, and financial considerations. The plans support the needs identified by the community and provides a vision that guides the detailed design and construction phases. This vision encompasses numerous considerations, including:

  • Enhanced pedestrian safety and comfort.
  • Improved mobility options, including transit and cycling.
  • A design that reflects its identity of the surrounding communities.
  • Green, friendly streets through naturalized boulevards, trees, and site furnishings.
  • Making 37 Street S.W. a destination that will support existing and new local businesses.
  • Improved connections to park spaces and amenities.

Past Engagement


  • Spring 2022 – Construction starts
  • Spring 2024 – project completion

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Project documents

Main Streets

The Main Streets Program is one of the ways that the City of Calgary is working to make our city “a great place to make a living, and a great place to make a life.” Our program shares The City’s common purpose of “making life better every day” by implementing a comprehensive process to transform our main streets into places where people want to live, work and play.

To reach their full potential, Calgary’s Main Streets need both public and private investment. The Main Streets program is a continuum that goes from changes to land use that will support development opportunities to a streetscape master plan that is designed to support these changes and can be constructed in a coordinated fashion. The increase in development activity will bring more people and new jobs to the community, making the area more attractive to local businesses and residents.

Core values

Main Streets are resilient, adaptable, and attractive places that support:

  • Character & Identity
    Create a street that establishes a unique sense of place and offers memorable experiences for both residents and visitors. 
  • Social & Healthy lifestyle
    Create a family-friendly and safe street environment that focuses on promoting sense of community. 
  • Mobility & Functionality
    Achieve a balance of multi-modal transportation options with a focus on friendly and inclusive design. 
  • Economic vitality
    Street improvements promote economic vitality by encouraging redevelopment opportunities and promoting investment.

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