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The Calgary Public Building has been honoured in its efforts in preserving historical significance with a Lion Award. The awards, which recognize citizens and groups who have undertaken initiatives to support heritage conservation, were handed out on July 28, 2010.

The Calgary Public Building was selected as the winning submission in the building restoration category, which recognizes the rehabilitation or restoration of a heritage building or feature.

"Part of proudly serving a great city is taking care of places like the Calgary Public Building," says Sharon Purvis, former director of Facilities. "It is part of our history as a city and to be able to restore as many of its original features as possible, while still reducing energy consumption and focusing on sustainability, is a great achievement that benefits those who will use the space for years to come."

Energy saving window enclosureAs part of the renovation, the sixth floor of the building has been set aside as a heritage floor, where the original doors, terrazzo flooring and plaster walls are still in place. Attention has also been paid to the lighting in the corridors, which was matched as closely as possible to the original building fixtures. Also, the washrooms on the sixth floor are in their original 1929 locations and the original marble stall partitions have been incorporated into the design.


Energy saving insulationThe project team undertook a number of initiatives to reduce the impact of construction activities, including:

  • Reducing energy consumption and reducing operating costs by about 50 per cent.
  • Extending the life of this heritage building.
  • Increasing occupant comfort.


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