Southbend Business Park

The City's role

Facility Management is one of the major developers of fully serviced industrial parks in Calgary. The City of Calgary has also been involved in joint venture developments of business and industrial parks with the private sector.


Southbend Business Park is located in Calgary's East Shepard Industrial area at the intersections of Barlow Trail, Deerfoot Trail and south of 114 Ave. S.E. directly north of Southbend is the new Eastlake Industrial Centre.


The City of Calgary bought the raw land from Shell Canada in 1999.

The City of Calgary developed the land into an I-2 (light industrial) business park. The City's role included: 

  • Obtaining a change in land use from agricultural to light industrial
  • Sub-dividing the main land parcel into smaller lots
  • Installing the shallow utilities (i.e. gas and electricity)
  • Installing the deep utilities (i.e. storm, sanitary and water mains)
  • Constructing concrete curbs and gutters
  • Constructing paved roads

The lots became available for sale in 2000/2001. The Southbend lots were subject to Architectural Controls and to The City of Calgary's standard building commitment.

As of August 2006, there are no City-owned lots available for sale in Southbend Business Park.

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