North Central Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) improvements

Project update - July 4, 2022

North Pointe Park and Ride lot improvements project

Crews have finished remaining construction at the North Pointe Park and Ride lot and the project is now fully complete.

Safety, accessibility and service improvements completed as part of this project include:

  • Addition of a bus-only lane and dedicated transit-only entrance
  • Installation of pedestrian sidewalks and new lighting along both sides of the bus-only lane
  • Addition of a new public entrance on the east side of the lot along Country Village Link N.E.
  • Three additional bus shelters and new bike racks in the lot

All entrances to the lot are open and transit service has begun via the bus-only lane. Normal transit operations have resumed at all bus stop locations in and adjacent to the lot.

Current projects

North Pointe Park and Ride lot improvements

As part of the first North Central BRT improvements project, The City will be completing enhancements to the North Pointe Park and Ride lot in Country Hills Village, including:

  • Addition of a bus-only lane
  • Installation of sidewalks along both sides of the bus-only lane

The existing entrance on the east side of the lot, along Country Village Link N.E., will be converted for Transit use only. A new public entrance will be installed along the east side of the lot, slightly north of the Transit-only access.

These improvements will help to enhance safety and accessibility for transit users within the Park and Ride Lot today, while also preparing for future growth and infrastructure requirements within the North Central BRT network.

Project area

Project background

As part of the Green Line LRT project, The City conducted the North Central Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) functional planning study from 2020 to 2021, resulting in recommendations for short-, medium-, and long-term improvements. The proposed North Central BRT improvements will link the investments that The City is making with Green Line to provide improved connections to north central communities and support the future transition to LRT along the corridor, which runs from Downtown along Centre Street up to Harvest Hills Boulevard N.E., and continues through to 160 Avenue N.E.

These improvements will:

  • provide shorter transit travel times
  • increase reliability
  • enhance comfort and convenience
  • improve accessibility
  • improve walking and wheeling amenities

With Green Line Committee approval of the study recommendations in May 2021, work on implementing the recommendations will begin to move forward in 2022.

Centre Street South Public Realm improvements

In coordination with the North Central BRT study and Tomorrow’s Chinatown, we are exploring public realm improvements for Centre Street South from the Riverfront Avenue to 4 Avenue South.

The first phase of this project included working with the community to identify areas of concern and opportunity for potential public realm improvements and pedestrian safety along Centre Street South. The analysis is focused on the North Central BRT Study to ensure that any infrastructure or stations that are proposed are integrated to promote the public realm and do not prevent any potential future improvements.

In spring 2021, two rounds of virtual public engagement were held to inform phase 1 of the project. Based on feedback received during engagement, the project team has developed preliminary design concepts and recommendations for consideration in future stages of the project. Click here to view the final report.

Phase 2 of the project will develop the concepts from phase 1 and complete a comprehensive streetscape master plan. Currently, there is no anticipated timeline for phase 2 of this project. This work will be completed as funding and resourcing for improvements become available.


During engagement held from October 2020 – March 2021, we heard a desire for more reliable bus service, interest in reducing congestion for transit vehicles and cars, and the need to balance providing on-street parking and accommodating traffic during peak travel hours. This feedback along with technical analysis has been used to further develop the opportunities identified for the North Central BRT into short-, medium- and long-term improvements.

View the Phase 2: North Central Mobility & BRT Studies What We Heard Report

Project timeline

North Pointe Park and Ride improvements

  • Finalize engineering design: Summer 2021 - COMPLETE
  • Tender and award contract: Summer 2021 - COMPLETE
  • Begin construction: Summer 2021 - COMPLETE
  • Construction substantially complete: Winter 2021 - COMPLETE
  • Final landscaping: Spring 2022 - COMPLETE

Please note: Construction activities are dependent on several factors. Timelines could change due to inclement weather, underground conditions and/or other unexpected circumstances. Schedule updates will be provided regularly.

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