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Complete Streets is an approach to street design that strives to accommodate all transportation modes including walking, cycling and transit and driving. They help create more liveable neighbourhoods that encourage people to travel by foot, bicycle and transit by:

  • Improving safety and accessibility for all road users.
  • Providing infrastructure for a range of transportation options.
  • Providing attractive streetscapes and public spaces.
  • Promote economic well-being of both businesses and residents.

About the Complete Streets Policy and Guide

On Nov. 3, 2014, the Complete Streets Policy (TP021) and Guide was unanimously approved by City Council. It was developed in consultation with the development and homebuilding industry, engineering firms, and internal stakeholders. The Complete Streets Policy and Guide aligns with the visions and policies for a more sustainable transportation network that promotes walking, cycling and transit as outlined in the council approved 2009 Calgary Transportation Plan.


The Complete Streets Policy and Guide provides City Administration and the development industry direction on how to incorporate Complete Streets concepts into planning (including engagement), design and construction of new, and reconstruction of existing streets.

New Streets (Greenfield):

  • All Outline and Tentative Plan submissions must now conform to the Complete Streets Policy. More specifically, section 7.1 of the Policy states that all designs submitted to the City must conform to or exceed the design standards contained in the latest Design Guide for Subdivision Servicing (2014 DGSS). Section II: Roads contains roadway cross-sections, design elements, and geometric standards that align with the Complete Streets Guide.
  • Section 7.2 of the Policy includes procedures required for the City to consider a non-conforming street design submission.

Retrofit Streets:

  • Section 7.3 of the Policy includes the expectations and procedures required for a retro-fit street design submission.

Next steps

  • Complete Education Program Framework: Q1 2016. Implement Q2 2016.
  • Complete Monitoring Program Framework: Q1 2016. Implement Q2 2016.
  • Prepare a Strategy for November 2017 Update to Council: Q2 2016.

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