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With the approval of the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP), there is an increasing focus on providing transportation choices, especially those that focus on sustainability, health and the environment. One way The City is achieving the goals of this plan is through the Cycling Strategy, which was approved by Council on July 5, 2011.

The Strategy lays out 50 actions and a number of targets for the short, medium and long term that will help make cycling a comfortable and convenient travel option for more Calgarians. You can see a number of cycling projects underway by visiting the Bikeway Projects web page.

Annual Reporting

The Cycling Strategy requires an annual update to Council on the status of the action items. Below are the presentation given to Councilors at the Committee for Transportation and Transit Subcommittee. The Bicycle Program Yearbook is another tool The City uses to monitor progress of the Cycling Strategy.

Creating a bicycle-friendly city

The underlying vision to the Cycling Strategy is making Calgary a bicycle-friendly city for all to enjoy - whether you commute to work or school, run errands or just for the joy of it. We're going to achieve this vision through three core pillars:

  1. Plan, design and build a network of bikeways that are attractive to the public.
  2. Operate and maintain our new and existing bikeway facilities year round.
  3. Educate and promote bicycling and issues related to bicycling to help raise awareness and expand the bike culture in Calgary.

Read more about Calgary as a bicycle-friendly city in the Cycling Strategy. A summary of the Cycling Strategy and cycling in Calgary is found on this factsheet.


In June 2010, Council approved the Scope of Work directing Administration on the purpose and approach to be taken in developing of the Cycling Strategy. As part of the development, The City conducted research through surveys and assembling a committee, which met regularly, and implemented a public engagement plan.

Connect with cycling

Transportation staff appreciates comments and request about cycling in Calgary. Your feedback helps us ensure we continue to meet the needs of city cyclists.

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