Development Services

The Development Services division of City Transportation Planning is responsible for:

  • co-ordinating Transportation Department input into land use planning policy plans (e.g. regional context studies, area structure plans, area redevelopment plans, local area plans) and development applications (e.g. land use, subdivision, development permits).
  • reviewing and approving transportation impact and parking studies related to new development applications.
  • representing the Transportation Department at Public Hearings of Council, Calgary Planning Commission and the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Transportation Impact Assessment

A Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) is typically required to support the transportation aspects of a proposed development. The TIA considers two things:

  • if the development has the potential of generating significant amounts of new transit users, pedestrians, bicycle and vehicular traffic, or
  • if the development could potentially change the mobility patterns (transit, pedestrian, bicycle and/or vehicular) in the area where it is proposed.

The purpose of the Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) Guidelines is to provide applicants, development and transportation consultants with the framework to prepare studies for The City of Calgary. The guidelines provide direction regarding the process for preparing and submitting TIAs. These guidelines also outline the basic information that as a minimum should be contained in the study.

The contents of these guidelines will be continuously reviewed and updated as required. The current version of the guidelines was released in April, 2011.

Trip generation rates

The City of Calgary has established standard vehicular Trip Generation rates for a number of typical uses. Trip Generation rates should be confirmed as part of the scoping process with Development Services staff prior to their use.

Transportation Legal Land Searches

This service is provided in response to legal inquiries of any known outstanding work orders or deficiencies on the associated property. There is a $90.00 charge for this service.

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