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Fish Creek West Sanitary Trunk

Project Status – April 2024

Upcoming construction timelines

Anderson Road

Crews will begin work in May to extend the pathway on the south side of Anderson Road between 24 Street SW and the pedestrian bridge at Woodbrook Way SW.

  • A new multi-use pathway will be paved along this berm in Spring 2024, with an expected completion date of July 1, 2024. More information will be available closer to the construction start date in Spring 2024.
  • A fence to protect landscaping from 24th Street west to the pedestrian bridge will be in place until summer 2024.

Project map

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Canyon Meadows

Crews will begin landscaping work in May at the odour control building on Canyon Meadows and Cantrell Drive SW.

Construction impacts

  • Certain areas on the berm adjacent to the south side of Anderson Road are currently fenced off to support landscape restoration. These barriers will remain in place to keep the site secure and the public safe.
  • Residents will notice an increase in noise while this work is underway.
  • Pathway detour between the pedestrian bridge and Tsuut’ina Trail ramp will be in place from May until July 2024.
  • Construction hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.
  • Residents might notice diesel odours where crews are working with large equipment.
  • Residents are reminded to watch for detour signs, and please obey all temporary speed limit reductions that may be in place as per the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.
  • Crews and any construction material will be separated from private fences by at least one metre.
  • The contractor will take steps to limit the amount of dust in the work area.
  • Residents may notice an increase in vibrations while crews are working, but we do not anticipate any impacts to private property.

About the project

The Fish Creek West Sanitary Trunk will transport sanitary flows (wastewater) from the communities of Woodbine, Woodland, and Canyon Meadows, as well as wastewater from Tsuut’ina Nation. This wastewater will travel through Calgary’s wastewater collection system to the Fish Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.


In response to projected growth and development in the area, hydraulic modelling, conducted in 2020, resulted in the recommendation to increase the capacity of wastewater infrastructure to a 1:50 year service level. This improvement will:

  • Mitigate risk of wastewater surcharge (and subsequent property and environmental damage) due to projected increased flows.  
  • Support development in south-west Calgary and Tsuut’ina Nation.
  • And lastly, in partnership with Tsuut’ina Nation, H2S will be better managed and monitored.

Construction began in September 2022, and we anticipate it will be complete in September 2024. 

Multi-use pathway

The pathway is located on the south side of Anderson Road from the Pedestrian Bridge to 24th Street SW.

Fish Creek Sanitary Trunk

Additional alignment information

  • The sanitary pipe alignment extends 6.3 kilometers, along existing Road and Utility Rights of Way.
  • This alignment was approved as it minimized impact to interested parties:
    • Do not need to cross (excavate) Canyon Meadows Golf Course
    • No construction needed on Tsuut’ina lands and no crossing of Tsuut’ina Trail required
    • No disruption to private property/residences

Further, to minimize traffic impact in the area, approximately 50 per cent of installation will occur on grass berm or boulevard areas.

Project timeline

  • Design: Spring – Fall 2021 (Complete)
  • Construction started: Fall 2022
  • Construction completion: Fall 2024

Frequently asked questions

Overall Project

Why is this project required?

Due to current and projected growth in the area,  quite simply, there will be more wastewater (sewage) than the existing infrastructure can accommodate.  We need to do this work to accommodate projected wastewater flows. 

Have you done any consultation?

The City works closely with our regional customers regarding water and wastewater Master Servicing Agreements. 

  • We continue to work with residents and interested parties to ensure a clear understanding of the scope of work required.
  • We have consulted with Tsuut’ina Nation on various matters relating to this project.  
  • We commit to providing timely project updates as we complete this important work for Calgarians. 

What about the proposed off-leash multi-use area in Woodbine?

Visit for more information.

Pathway Paving

What work is being done?

Now that the Fish Creek Sanitary trunk has been completed, the landscaping and paving of a pathway and maintenance access road is scheduled to be finished in 2024. 

Why is this work being done?

An access road is required for vehicles to access and maintain the new sanitary manholes along the top of the berm adjacent to Anderson Road.  Due to the proximity of the access road to the existing pedestrian bridge, The City is using this opportunity to pave the road so it can also be used a multiuse pathway. 

We have heard from Calgarians that improving walking and cycling connections as part of the City’s 5A network is an important initiative.  The pathway will connect the existing pathway along Stoney Trail and the pedestrian bridge across Anderson Road to 24 Street, providing improved mobility connections for walking and cycling in the community.

Where exactly will construction take place?

Construction will take place on the south side of Anderson Road, from the pedestrian bridge adjacent to Woodbrook Way SW to 24th Street SW

What’s the timeline for this work?

Work is anticipated to take place in Spring and Summer of 2024.

How will this affect traffic in the neighborhood?

Most of the construction traffic will take place along Anderson Road, however some construction traffic will be required inside the community.

Are there road closures or detours planned?

We expect that some road closures will need to take place – these closures will be communicated before construction begins and updates will be posted here.

What should I do if I’m looking for more information about this project?

If you have questions about this project please call 311

Is there any other work planned in this area?

Capital Priorities is working on the pathway design to connect 24th to 14th Street along Anderson Road. If the schedule allows, this work will be completed at the same time. 

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