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Glenmore Dam infrastructure improvements

Less flooding risk. More drinking water.

After more than 85 years of service, the Glenmore Dam has undergone an extensive upgrade.

The last three years of construction has involved:

  • Rehabilitating the dam
  • Adding intermediate piers
  • A weir crest extension
  • Replacing the former wooden stop log system with new, higher steel gates including independent hoists to raise and lower the gates.
  • Replacing the bridge deck to make more space for pathway users

What are the benefits?

Increases the lifespan of the dam

The rehabilitation of the dam extends its lifespan so this key piece of our water infrastructure system will continue to serve the drinking water supply needs of Calgarians for future generations.

Increases our water supply resiliency to better manage low river flows in the winter and high river flows in the spring.

The steel gates can withstand loading from ice and allows The City to operate the reservoir at its full supply level during the winter months. This amounts to double the volume of water available for supply to the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant. This added water supply resiliency is a benefit to all Calgarians every year during the winter low flow period in the Elbow River. 

The higher steel gates with independent hoists also makes it possible to better manage high river flow events in the spring. The 2.5m steel gates increases the storage by approximately 10 billion litres.  

Improves recreational experience for pathway users

A new and improved wider bridge deck, allows for dedicated lanes for cyclists and pedestrians improving the experience for everyone. The bridge deck across the dam is a critical link in the pathway system and with the reopening it allows pathway users to circle the entire reservoir and enjoy spectacular views of Calgary’s landscape.

What do the improvements looks like?

Project updated - September 2020

Upgrades to the Glenmore Dam are complete and the pathway is reopened to the public.

About the Glenmore Dam

Built in 1933, the Glenmore Dam together with the Glenmore Water Treatment Plan were built to provide drinking water to Calgarians. The Glenmore Dam resulted in the creation of the Glenmore reservoir, which stores our water supply.

The Glenmore Water Treatment Plan is one of two water treatment plants that supplies over 1.3 million Calgarians and surrounding communities with high quality drinking water.

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