North Calgary Water Servicing Project

Flowing Forward: Sustainable Water Infrastructure For Our Growing City North Calgary Water Servicing

The North Calgary Water Servicing Project (NCWS) involves the construction of a new 22 km long water feedermain. In the interim, this feedermain will deliver 100 ML per day of clean, safe and reliable drinking water to existing and future communities in North and Northwest Calgary, with future flows reaching 410 ML per day. The project is essential in providing adequate water supply for current and future population growth in the northwest area of the city.

The project is currently in the design phase. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2025 with the system to be in service in 2029. The new line will run north from the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant near Stoney Trail and Nose Hill Drive, crossing under Crowchild Trail up to 144 Ave N.W. and then connecting to the Northridge Feedermain at 144 Ave and 14th Street N.W. 

Project benefits

  • This project is essential to meet water demand in northwest Calgary given recent population growth and provides adequate water supply for future residential and commercial development to take place.
  • Specific sections of this project work will be completed by microtunneling, which reduces construction impacts on traffic, parks and green space. This work will primarily take place under Crowchild Trail, across West Nose Creek, and a portion of 12 Mile Coulee Road. 

Project timeline

Phase A - Conceptual design of the linear section was completed in late 2023.

Phase B - Preliminary design work commenced in early 2024, with a completion of late December 2024. There is currently survey work being conducted with geotechnical drilling commencing in May.

Phase C - Construction of the trenchless sections is expected to commence in 2025. Construction on the open cut sections is expected to commence in 2026, with completion in late 2028.

Project resources

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