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Palliser Sanitary Lift Station Upgrade

Project Update – May, 2024

Construction continues at the Palliser lift station as we move into spring, and the team is still on track to complete the work towards the end of 2024.  Most of the major equipment has now been installed inside the new building and the last few months have seen major changes on the existing building.  The original roof of the new building has been removed, and the new concrete walls have been poured to their final height.  Much of the original outdated equipment has been removed while still ensuring that the station can provide reliable ongoing service for the community through the upgrade.

As we approach the summer, we’ll be finishing the exterior works on both buildings, as well as the site grading, landscaping, and fencing.  Summer will include some of the most time-critical work which will start to impact citizens and users of South Glenmore Park.  As the station will need to be fully bypassed to complete the work, a bypass pump will be parked on the road at the entrance to the park, and traffic will be rerouted to have both north and southbound traffic travel on the northbound lane of 24th ST SW into and out of the park.  The pump will need to operate on a 24/7 basis for the full duration of the bypass work, expected to be up to 8 weeks – the primary pump is electric and intended to be quiet; however, citizens may notice additional noise from its operation.

Nearby residents and park users may notice:

  • Occasional lane closures will be in effect on 24 Street leading into the parking lot for the Glenmore Sailing Club and the South Glenmore Park parking lot. Signage will be onsite, and crews will be directing vehicle traffic. Vehicle traffic will be maintained and will remain open during construction.
  • Truck and heavy equipment accessing the construction site and surrounding area.
  • Periodic increases in noise from equipment and work crews.
  • Temporary periods of increased odour.

The construction work hours for this project are:
Monday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

We know that construction impacts can be disruptive, and the project team will work to minimize disruptions where possible, adhere to all bylaws, and most importantly ensure safety for all.

Thank you for your patience during construction.

Project Timeline

Summer 2021 – Public Engagement
Feedback was sought on exterior aesthetic options from the public.

Fall 2021 – Public Engagement Report completed
View What We Heard Report here.

Winter 2022 – What We Did Report completed
View What We Did Report here

Spring 2023 – Construction contract awarded.

June 2023 – Construction begins. 

Project Updates

This webpage will be updated as milestones are met. Please check back periodically. 


For more information or questions, please contact 311.

About the project

The Palliser Sanitary Lift Station collects, temporarily stores, and then pumps wastewater from the community towards wastewater treatment facilities. The existing sanitary lift station, located at the entrance of South Glenmore Park, was built in 1968 and was designed to meet the standards of that time. However, as the city has grown, so have the requirements for the lift station and the facility is now too small to meet modern requirements and standards. As a result, the existing building will be renovated, and a second building will be built to accommodate this increased need. 

Engagement was conducted over three weeks in summer 2021 to identify Calgarians preference between the two available exterior finish options. As a result, we will be proceeding with the second design concept.

Project benefits

These upgrades will ensure the facility continues to provide a high level of service to the surrounding community for years to come. The upgrades will make sure the facility maintains function in the event of a utility outage, while improving the safety for the workers operating and maintaining the facility. The upgraded exterior will improve the aesthetic and work to complement the surrounding natural landscape. 


The lift station will be expanded through the construction of a second building offset to the southeast of the existing building. They will be physically separated but will match and appear as one coordinated structure.

In 2021, citizens had the opportunity to provide feedback on exterior materials and finishes of the new building. The design has now been finalized.

The exterior of the building has been designed to mimic the look of trees and branches; similar to those found in South Glenmore Park. The exterior sides of both buildings include stainless steel pipe running up the building at various angles resembling tree branches feeding off sunlight. A canopy bringing the two buildings together resembles branches with the buildings acting as tree trunks. Once construction is completed, plants and native grasses will be planted in the area surrounding the lift station.

Please note the renderings shown below are for illustrative purposes only. Final construction, including exact colours, placement of doors/vents/exhausts, and materials may vary or change slightly.

The Palliser Sanitary Lift Station's electrical work and roof has been designed to accommodate solar panels in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sanitary lift station?

Calgary’s wastewater system is a gravity fed system – that means that sanitary flows are mostly driven by gravity to get wastewater to our treatment facilities. A sanitary lift station is essentially a pump that moves sanitary wastewater towards The City’s wastewater treatment facilities when gravity is not an option due to the elevation of an area.

Why are you expanding this sanitary lift station?

The current station was built in 1968 and designed to meet the standards of that time. As the city has grown, requirements for lift stations have changed. Expanding the sanitary lift station with a more resilient structure allows us to meet current safety and operational guidelines and continue to provide a high-level of sanitary service to Calgarians.

Why is the footprint of the new sanitary lift station expansion bigger than the existing structure?

The new lift station will have increased pumping capacity which means more space is needed for the equipment. Also, safety requirements have changed since 1968, and more space is now required for the safety of maintenance personnel.

What will happen to the existing building?

The existing structure will remain but will undergo architectural improvements including a new exterior finish to complement the second building. Interior equipment will be replaced and updated to current standards.

How will residents be impacted by the construction?

During the construction of the new sanitary lift station, residents can expect noise from equipment and higher than average traffic in the area. There will be temporary lane closures on 24 Street S.W. near 90 Avenue S.W.

Will the new lift station include solar panels?

The Palliser Sanitary Lift Station's electrical work and roof has been designed to accommodate solar panels in the future. These are planned to be added to all sanitary lift stations in the city once a design and style has been approved that will work for all locations. 

The current lift station sometimes emits an odour. Will the new lift station expansion address this?

The new lift station will have an odour control unit to minimize any odour. This is not a feature of the current lift station.

Will trees be removed?

No trees will be removed as part of this project. The current footprint of the existing building provides sufficient space for the new buildings, as well as construction lay down area.

Will this site be open to the public?

No, lift stations are not accessible to the public.

Will there be washrooms built as part of this project?

No, washrooms are not in scope for this project. There are washrooms available inside South Glenmore Park.

This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws, codes and regulations currently in effect. The City of Calgary accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information. Web pages are updated periodically. ​