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Sanitary Lateral Lining Program

The Sanitary Lateral Lining Program is an innovative program that will install liners inside existing sanitary service pipes to extend the life of these assets. This trenchless process means that Water Services can rehabilitate its sanitary service lines without digging up streets and sidewalks.

The program will run in in several communities from May to December this year.

This program is being administered by LiquiForce, a company based in Ontario that provides this service to other cities in North America.

Why this program is necessary

Aging sewer infrastructure in older communities in Calgary is vulnerable to tree root intrusions, sewage backups, and costly repairs. The Sanitary Service Lining Program is a pilot to rehabilitate the existing pipe by using trenchless technology to install a liner. This method is less costly overall and less disruptive to the community rather than traditional dig and replace methods.

What residents need to know

Three weeks before work starts on your street, you receive a notification from LiquiForce. On the day the work is being done on your street, LiquiForce will leave a flyer with affected homes 30 minutes before starting work.

Your sewer connection will be out of service for approximately two to three hours while crews install the lining. During this time, we ask that you minimize your water use, including flushing toilets, showering, using the dishwasher or washing machine. Crews from LiquiForce will come to your home 30 minutes before they start work to alert you of the outage.

Please be aware you may experience smells like plastic or glue coming into your home from the sewer lines. This is temporary and the smell should fade quickly. Some residents with asthma or respiratory conditions could experience discomfort and may not wish to be present during the work.

A complete set of Material Safety Data Sheets can be made available from the City of Calgary upon request. If the smell persists, please call 311 to alert The City of the issue and someone will come to your home to help.

What residents need to do

  • LiquiForce will notify residents approximately three weeks before works begins in their neighbourhood.
  • You will be informed by a representative from LiquiForce about 30 minutes prior to work starting in your area.
  • Please pour about four liters of water into every floor drain, laundry tub, bath tub and shower drain in your home. This may help eliminate fumes from entering your home.
  • During the installation, please DO NOT use the shower, bathtubs, dishwashers or washing machines, and keep toilet flushing to a minimum. Homeowners could experience sewer backup in their homes if large appliances are used during the installation window.
  • After the liner has been installed, crews from LiquiForce will notify residents that their sanitary service is restored.

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