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Sunnyside Storm Lift Station Improvements

Several storm drainage infrastructure upgrades are taking place in the community as part of the Sunnyside Community Drainage Improvement Project. Together, all of these upgrades will work towards addressing the localized flooding that occurs in the area.

The Sunnyside storm lift station improvements project will upgrade the existing storm lift station at 605 1 Avenue N.W. and it will be fully operational by the end of Q1 2020.

Construction brief

  • Excavate west of the existing (original) building and enlarge the building footprint
  • Raise the main floor level of the building
  • Increase the number of pumps from three to eight
  • Replace the existing generator with a larger one
  • Add more levels to the building so that sensitive electrical equipment can be placed above the flood level
  • Site rehabilitation including asphalt and sidewalk installation plus landscaping
  • Modify the storm outfall (B47) at the Bow River

Traffic and residential impacts

  • No parking, sidewalk closure and one lane of traffic closed adjacent to the worksite along 1 Ave and 5A St N.W.
  • Vibrations due to excavation and compacting ground material are expected
  • Temporary pumps and piping may be required to manage groundwater
  • Construction equipment and vehicles present
  • Collection service of waste and recycling may be impacted, particularly during utility work (e.g. ENMAX and ATCO). We will monitor their work to ensure collection service is maintained
  • Note: Operation of all equipment, controls, and supporting systems of the original lift station will be maintained during construction of the new part of the building.

The length of construction can vary depending on the location of the work, condition of the soil, the condition of existing utilities, seasonal activities, weather conditions and availability of materials.

For more details on the engagement process, visit the project's engage page.

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