Stu Peppard Arena accessibility

At this Location:


Please note: We are working to improve access so that everyone feels like they belong and can use our services. Access is worked on during the planning, design and construction of projects. While much has been accomplished, it is acknowledged that more remains to be done to improve access. Not all parts of the facility may be "accessible for all". So ONLY the areas of the building that are barrier-free are listed on this webpage. See the detailed description to know whether your access needs will be met before you go.


  • 2 designated accessible parking spaces (on West side)
  • Accessible path of travel leads from parking lot to the entrance


  • Ramp adjacent to stairs at West entrance (width between handrails is 1000 mm)
  • Push plate/button opens West entrance door (to access upper level of arena)
  • Automatic sliding doors by sensor at East entrance (to access lower level of arena)


  • International symbol of accessibility identifies barrier-free areas of facility


  • Universal ‘single use washroom’ in upper level
    • no power operated door

Interior building elements

  • 2 floors/levels in facility is accessed via stairs
  • Continuous accessible path of travel to:
    • Arena’s lower level (from East entrance)
      • doors open by a sensor
    • Spectator Seating (from West entrance)
      • doors open by push plate/button
    • Vending machine on upper level (from West entrance)
  • Non-sloped open area for wheelchair seating in upper level of Arena (West entrance)