Terms & conditions - 10x punch cards

By purchasing a Calgary Recreation Punch Card, I acknowledge and agree that I have read the Terms and Conditions included below and agree to be bound by them.


  1. 10X punch cards expire two years after the date of purchase.
  2. 10X punch cards are only valid for the facility type they are purchased for (identified below).
  3. 10X punch cards can be used by multiple people within the same age category.
  4. Lost or stolen punch cards should be reported to the facility. Pass replacement fee is $10.00.
  5. A photo of the pass holder is required to be included on the pass for ownership validation purposes.
  6. Passes can be digitally displayed on customer’s electronic devices.
  7. If no pass is shown, the full admission fee will be charged for entry into the facility.
  8. The City of Calgary reserves the right to revoke any 10x punch cards and/or privileges associated with the 10x punch cards in the event of non-compliance with Calgary Recreation facility rules and regulations, and inappropriate/abusive behavior.​

Facility types

Leisure Centre punch card: Includes access to Southland AND Village Square Leisure Centres. Activities include access to the Water Park, Hot Tubs, Steam Room, Weight Room, Drop-in Dryland and Water Fitness Classes, Open Gymnasium, Rock Climbing and Racquetball/Squash Courts (available at Southland Leisure Centre only).

Aquatic & Fitness Centre punch card: Includes​ access to all Aquatic & Fitness Centres. Activities include access to all drop-in Public Swim, Lane Swim, Hot Tubs, Steam Room, Weight Room, Drop-in Dryland and Water Fitness Classes.

Public skate & Shinny punch card: Includes access to all drop-in public skate and shinny opportunities at applicable arenas.

Facility Access/Schedules/Closures**

  1. Use of Calgary Recreation facilities is subject to availability. Facility areas may be unavailable due to maintenance shutdowns (planned and emergency), private rentals, special events, bookings, programs, area maximums, or changes in facility schedules. These changes may occur with little or no notice. No refunds, credits or extensions will be given as result of these situations.
  2. Punch card prices do not include access to registered programs, babysitting, private leased areas, etc.
  3. Punch card hoders must abide by Aquatic Facility Guidelines​, Youth Weight Room Guidelines, and Arena Rules & Regulations​.

**Each Leisure Centre has a planned maintenance period every year which extends for varying periods of time depending on work to be done. Reduced schedules and activities may occur in some areas while others are closed completely. Aquatic & Fitness Centre facilities may be closed for maintenance from time to time to update critical infrastructure. Customers can use their passes at another facility while sites are closed. Check with staff on upcoming shutdown details to minimize the impact on your enjoyment of the facility.


  1. Cancelled 10X punch cards will be refunded according to the number of punches remaining, minus a $20 cancellation fee.
  2. Cancellation requests must be in-person and are effective the day of request.

The City of Calgary reserves the right to modify or incorporate new terms of use. Such additional terms or modifications will be effective immediately and posted on Calgary.ca/Recreation.

By using City of Calgary recreational facilities, each customer freely assumes all risks and hazards associated with the use of the facilities and all recreational activities engaged in. Customer agrees that The City of Calgary, its agents and employees are not liable in the case of loss, damage, injury or ambulance/health care services resulting from or in connection with such activities and facility use.