Alert | Mandatory outdoor water restrictions in effect - critical water main break affecting city-wide usage

City-wide indoor and outdoor water restrictions are in place. A fire ban is in effect. The boil water advisory has been lifted.

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What is a Snow Emergency Event?

Whenever a major snowstorm occurs, The City’s priority is always to make streets and sidewalks safe and passable. A snow emergency event may be called after heavy accumulations of snowfall (40 cm or more) over a short period of time.

The City’s Snow Emergency response will include the deployment of all available City resources and contractors to clear snow in Calgary. When a Snow Emergency event is called, crews will still address high-priority roadways, and additional resources will be deployed to residential areas. A Residential Parking Advisory may be announced. This advisory means residents should remove their vehicles from roadways prior to snow clearing equipment making a pass in their community. There is no fine associated with the Residential Parking Advisory.

What can I expect during a Snow Emergency?

  • When a Snow Emergency is called, The City will continue snow and ice operations on major routes. Crews will also be deployed into residential areas during the early stages of our snow response.
  • Crews will clear the center lane of residential streets. This will help residents exit their streets. Depending on accumulation, residents should expect snow placed in the parking lane.
  • If a Snow Route Parking Ban is called during a Snow Emergency, routes with marked on-street signage will be completed prior to residential streets. A succeeding residential parking advisory would also be in place to complete the next phase of clearing in residential areas.

Where can I park during a Snow Emergency?

  • Residents are advised to remove their vehicle from the road for up to 72 hours when a Residential Parking Advisory is in place.
  • There is no penalty for parking on a residential street during a Snow Emergency.
  • We encourage removing parked vehicles from the street. Plows and graders operating on residential streets will create windrows in parking lanes.
  • On any road that has been cleared if parking is allowed there normally.
  • In signed stalls and lots, alleys, or off-street facilities.
  • If you are parking in the alley, please ensure clearance is maintained.
  • If you are parking in a private lot, ensure you have consent from the property owner.

How will I know if a Snow Emergency has been called?

  • A banner will be clearly displayed on the top of indicating that a Snow Emergency has been called. This banner will link to important information.
  • The City uses a notification system that can text or email citizens when a parking ban is called, becomes active and is lifted. This system uses the City’s myID system. Visit to sign up for snow route parking ban notifications.
  • The City uses a variety of channels to keep you informed on Snow Emergencies. Keep your eye on and your local news station.
  • Follow @yyctransport on Twitter for updates on snow conditions.