Special event road closures

Special events such as parades and marathon runs require traffic control of the roads they need closed for their events.​

Calgary Events Traffic Cameras Traffic Report

Affected roads and road closures during events

NHL Playoffs

Parking Bans

The following parking bans will be in effect during both home and away playoff games starting at 6 p.m.

  • Along 17 Avenue S.W. between Macleod Trail S.W. and 10 Street S.W. 
  • 11 Avenue S.E. from 1 Street S.E. to 5 Street S.E.

Calgary Marathon

Sunday, May 29 – Road closures from 6 a.m. until 3 p.m.

  • Olympic Way SE / 4 Street S.E. will be closed between 9 Avenue S.E. and Stampede Trail S.E.
  • 9 Avenue S.E. will be closed between 3 Street S.E. and 12 Street S.E.
  • 11 Avenue will be reduced to two westbound lanes from Olympic Way S.E. to 14 Street S.W.
  • 12 Street will be closed between 9 Avenue S.E. and 1Avenue N.E.
  • 1 Avenue N.E. will be closed between 12 Street N.E. and 4 Street N.E.
  • 4 Street N.E. will be reduced to one lane on east side from 1 Avenue N.E. to Riverfront Avenue N.E.
  • Memorial Drive will be reduced to one lane in each direction between 10 Street N.W. and the Reconciliation Bridge (4 Street N.E.)
  • Memorial Drive will be completely closed between 10 Street N.W. and Kensington Road N.W.
  • Riverfront Avenue will be closed from 1 Street S.W. to 6 Street S.E.
  • 6 Street S.E. will be closed from 6 Avenue S.E. to 9 Avenue S.E.
  • Parkdale Boulevard N.W., 3 Avenue N.W., and Bowness Road N.W. will be reduced to one lane in each direction between Kensington Road N.W. and 42 Street N.W.
  • 19 Avenue N.W. will be closed between 42 Street N.W. and 47 Street N.W.
  • 48 Street N.W. will be closed between 19 Avenue N.W. and Bowness Road N.W.
  • 18 Avenue N.W. will be closed between 48 Street N.W. and 50 Street N.W.
  • 17 Avenue N.W. will be closed between Bowness Road N.W. and 52 Street N.W.
  • Bowness Road N.W. will have reduced lanes and flagpeople directing traffic between Bow Crescent N.W. and 67 Street N.W.
  • Watch for runners on the roadway on 69 St N.W. north of Bowness Road N.W.

Please note: There will be a large police presence along the entire route to keep the participants safe and direct traffic.

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