Residential cul-de-sac angle parking

When parking in a cul-de-sac all vehicles must be parallel parked with right-hand wheels next to the curb. Angle parking in cul-de-sacs is only permitted in designated zones where signage is installed and roadway stall markings are painted on the roadway.

You can apply to The City to designate angle ​parking in a cul-de-sac.

Designate zones for angle parking in a cul-de-sac

Each cul-de-sac is unique. Before The City can authorize cul-de-sac angle parking at a particular location, it must be determined if:

  1. Minimum clearance for emergency responders to operate will be maintained
  2. Minimum clearance for the safe and efficient collection of waste will be maintained
  3. The number of available on-street parking spots will increase or stay the same
  4. The location in question is a residential cul-de-sac, not an elbow or corner

Please keep in mind that waste and recycling pick-up, as well as access and maneuverability for large vehicles may still be impacted in locations where angle parking is approved. Delivery trucks, Calgary Transit, and Emergency Services still require access.

Steps to request angle parking

Step 1

Request a review of your location by submitting an online service request. Once you have submitted your request, you will receive an invoice via email for a $77.20 non-refundable administration fee.

Please note: this fee must be received before your location will be assessed for suitability, and payment of the fee does not guarantee your location will be approved.

Step 2

Upon receipt of the $77.20 administration fee, your application and location will be reviewed. This review may require up to four months to complete as it must be circulated to multiple City departments.

Once the review is complete, you will be notified if your location would be considered for cul-de-sac angle parking.

Step 3

If your location was approved, a petition package will be mailed to you listing the addresses of the affected residents that must be petitioned. For petition approval, 80% support from addresses adjacent to the proposed angle parking stalls is required. Once the petition is complete, you must mail the original petition to The City.

It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to circulate and return the petition.

Step 4

Once the petition with 80% approval is returned to The City, angle parking signage and road marking can be installed.

Please note: installation only takes place between May and October, and is weather dependent. Work may be completed in different stages. As work is completed, invoices for work completed will be sent to the applicant.

The cost of installation is solely the responsibility of the applicant.

Application costs

The average estimated cost to implement angle parking in a cul-de-sac is $2300.

  • Non-refundable Administration fee: $77.20
  • Average estimated cost of installation: $2,300.00

How to apply for Cul-de-sac Angle Parking

Review Steps 1 to 4. Then submit your location for review by submitting a service request.

Parking tickets

Have you received a ticket for angle parking in a cul-de-sac? Visit Calgary Parking for information about parking tickets.