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John Laurie Blvd. and Edgemont Blvd./53 St. N.W. - Signal change

On Dec. 21, 2023 (weather permitting), The City of Calgary will change the signal operation and lane use at John Laurie Boulevard and Edgemont Boulevard/53 Street N.W. to promote safer traffic operation and reduce operating costs.

Currently, the signal operates differently based on time of day. 

  • During the morning peak on weekdays:
    • The northbound and southbound movements are completely separated. One direction of traffic moves through the intersection first, followed by the other direction.
    • Signage changes to allow dual southbound left turns from Edgemont Boulevard onto John Laurie Boulevard, by permitting left turns out of a lane that is normally meant for through traffic.
  • During all other times of day:
    • The northbound and southbound movements operate at the same time.
    • A single southbound left-turn lane is provided. This is controlled by a flashing green arrow followed by a solid green display.

The City of Calgary will be changing the signal operation to remove the weekday morning peak operation and provide the same operation all day.

These changes include:

  • Removing the separated movements for northbound and southbound traffic during the morning peak on weekdays and allowing northbound and southbound traffic to run at the same time all day.
  • Removing the dual southbound left turn movement from Edgemont Boulevard to John Laurie Boulevard N.W. during the morning peak on weekdays.
  • A single southbound left-turn lane will be provided all day. This will be controlled by a flashing green arrow followed by a solid green display.

Current weekday morning peak operation

Dual southbound left turns with separated northbound and southbound movements.

Proposed change – full-time operation

Existing normal operation/ Proposed full-time operation – Single southbound left turns with non-separated northbound and southbound movements.

Benefits of the change


  • Eliminates the risk of driver confusion because of the different signal operation throughout the day.
  • Signage currently provided changes to show when dual versus single southbound turns are allowed. 
    • Removing the dual left turn movement removes the need for this sign and the potential risk if the existing sign should fail. 

Traffic efficiency

  • Maintains typical day-to-day service levels.
    • While removing dual turn lanes may lead to longer southbound left-turning queues, traffic delays will remain about the same as current, including southbound left-turning traffic.
  • Allows The City to respond to detours and incidents safely and easily, by removing restrictions on when specific timing patterns may operate. 

Cost effectiveness

  • Promotes cost-effectiveness by implementing the signal operation change along with a planned hardware upgrade of existing signals equipment.

Signage will be provided to communicate the change in signal operation while drivers adjust.


Contact us by filling out the online service request below or call 311 for assistance.

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