Traffic Improvements

Projects focused on improving traffic congestion and safety

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Calgary is growing both in population and in infrastructure, and with this growth comes impacts to traffic on our roadways. To address this issue, The City has developed the Traffic Operational Improvements program (TOI).

The program evaluates various intersections across Calgary that require operational improvements for a variety of reasons like traffic congestion and safety issues. Once an intersection meets the necessary criteria of the TOI program, a temporary traffic pilot or, in some cases, permanent traffic measures will be proposed for installation. Traffic pilot and/or permanent traffic measures could include:

  • Changes to signal timings
  • Temporary roadway restrictions
  • Additional permanent turning lanes

Traffic improvement projects

130 Avenue and 46 Street S.E. – Dual westbound left turns

Recent changes at this intersection have improved safety but also increased eastbound and westbound left turn delays.  This has resulted in complaints from motorists who would like to turn from 130 Avenue into the shopping centre.

To address these concerns, Mobility plans to construct a dual westbound left turn bay at this location.

This change is expected to:

  • Reduce the westbound left turning delay by approximately 35% during peak hours. 
  • Cut down on westbound left turn spilling out into the through-lane.

130 Avenue and 48 Street S.E. – Dual westbound left turns

In 2023, Mobility constructed a dual westbound left turn bay at the intersection of 130 Avenue and 48 street S.E. 

The dual westbound left turn bay will reduce delay of westbound left turning traffic by approximately 15% and shorten the westbound left turn queue by 50%.

The change could also reduce the risk of left turn vehicles spilling out to the through-lane situation, which will improve safety and the operation of westbound through traffic. 

64 Avenue and Castleridge Boulevard N.E. – Pedestrian and Vehicle operational improvements

A recent review of the 64 Avenue and Castleridge Boulevard N.E. intersection showed excessive delays and queuing in multiple directions at various times of day.

As a result, drivers often take aggressive maneuvers which directly impacts safety and pedestrian comfort. 

To address these concerns:

  • A southbound through-lane will be repurposed to accommodate a dual northbound left turn.
  • The original northbound shared left/through-lane will be converted to a dedicated through-lane.
  • The eastbound right turn will be converted to a free flow lane.
  • The southwest island will be relocated to enhance pedestrian and automobile safety and comfort.
  • The northbound and southbound signal split phases will be removed to allow a more efficient use of time for pedestrians and automobiles.

The overall intersection delay is expected to be reduced by approximately 25%.

Beddington Trail and Hidden Creek Drive N.W. – Southbound right turn lane

In the summer of 2023, the Mobility team will be added a southbound right turn at Beddington Trail and Hidden Creek Drive N.W.

This change is expected to reduce delay for southbound right turning traffic by approximately 80%.

It will also enhance safety for pedestrians by reducing aggressive right turn maneuvers due to the long waiting time. 

Castleridge Boulevard & Westwinds Drive / Castleridge Drive N.E. – Operational improvements

The intersection of Castleridge Boulevard and Westwinds Drive / Castleridge Drive N.E. has been a top concern for drivers in terms of signal timing and traffic congestion issues.

Due to the very high volume of eastbound left turns and offset geometry, Westwinds Drive eastbound and Castleridge Drive westbound operates on a split-phase, meaning drivers can not turn left simultaneously.

To address driver concerns, and maximize the safety and overall effectiveness, Westwinds Drive will be widened to allow for two eastbound left turns, one though lane and one right turn lane. 

With this geometry change, split phase will be removed to improve traffic efficiency at the intersection. Delays are expected to be reduced by approximately 20%.

Hidden Valley - Mobility safety improvements

In the summer of 2024, temporary and permanent traffic calming measures will be put in place to improve safety along three corridors: Hidden Creek Drive N.W., Hidden Creek Boulevard N.W. and Hidden Creek Way N.W.

Proposed changes include:

  • Installation of temporary curb extensions along the three corridors
  • Reducing the speed limit to posted 40 km/h
  • Installing temporary speed humps in select locations
  • Converting existing temporary roundabout to permanent in the summer/fall 2024

This is in response to feedback from the community. A recent safety and operational review of the three corridors indicated that the changes are expected to improve safety by reducing incidents and near-misses involving motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Heritage Meadows Way and T&T Supermarket/ Real Canadian superstore Entrance – Northbound and southbound left turn bays

The lack of northbound and southbound left turn bays at this intersection has raised safety/operation concerns since the traffic signal was installed in 2020. 

These issues include:

  • Very long southbound queue of traffic, backing up to Heritage Drive at times.
  • Last second northbound/southbound lane switching maneuvers due to a lack of turn bays.

To address these issues:

  • Northbound and southbound left turn bays will be constructed.
  • A southbound signalized left turn arrow will be added to reduce the risk of traffic backing up to Heritage Drive.

With these operational improvements, the overall intersection delay will be reduced by approximately 30% in peak hours on weekdays and 50% on weekends.

John Laurie Boulevard and Edgemont Boulevard/53 St. N.W. – Signal change and lane use

In December 2023 (weather permitting), The City of Calgary will be changed the signal operation and lane use at John Laurie Boulevard and Edgemont Boulevard/53 Street N.W.

This will promote traffic safety and reduce operating costs.

Changes include:

  • Removing the separated movements for northbound and southbound traffic during the morning peak on weekdays.
    • This will allow northbound and southbound traffic to run at the same time all day.
  • Removing the dual southbound left turn movement from Edgemont Boulevard to John Laurie Boulevard N.W. during the morning peak on weekdays.
    • A single southbound left-turn lane will be provided all day.
      • This will be controlled by a flashing green arrow followed by a solid green.

Kensington Road from Crowchild Trail to 14 Street N.W. – Safety improvements

In the summer of 2023, temporary measures were put in place to improve safety along Kensington Road from Crowchild Trail to 14 Street N.W.

Changes include:

  • Reducing to a single lane in each direction.
  • Extending curbs along the corridor and most crosswalks.
  • Installing rapid flashing beacon lights at crosswalks.
  • Extending the existing 40 km/h speed limit.

This is in response to findings from a recent collision review and traffic assessment of the area. The changes are expected to reduce incidents and near-misses between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

McKnight Boulevard and 68 Street N.E. – Dual eastbound left turn lanes

Over the past couple of years, safety improvements have been implemented at this intersection.

These include:

  • Adding protected only north/south left turn signal phasing,
  • Converting the westbound to northbound right turn movement to a merge from a yield. 

While these improvements benefit safety, the protected only-left-turn phasing has resulted in lengthy backups for northbound and southbound left turn traffic. 

To address this issue, dual eastbound left turn lanes will be constructed. This change will reduce delay and congestion of eastbound left turn traffic. It will also allow for extra signal time for north and south left turn movements. 

(Please note: Due to geometry and utility limitation, dual north and southbound left turn lanes are not feasible at this location.)

According to analysis, the eastbound and southbound left turn delays are expected to decrease by approximately 10% and 20% individually.  The overall intersection delay will be decreased by approximately 8%. 

Sarcee Trail - 112 Avenue N.W. to Stoney Trail – Three southbound through-lanes

Thorough analyses on collision history, operations, and geometric design along Sarcee Trail from 112 Avenue to Stoney Trial, various operational and safety issues have been identified. 

To address these issues:

  • Three southbound through-lanes will be constructed between 112 Avenue and the Stoney Trail boundary,
  • The eastbound right turn yield at 112 Avenue will be converted to a free flow right turn movement,
  • A second southbound left turn lane will be constructed at the Beacon Hill Shopping Centre intersection with a protected-only operation for both north and south bound left turns.

With these improvements:

  • The risk of eastbound/southbound right turn collisions at 112 Avenue is expected to be reduced significantly,
  • The eastbound free flow right turn movement at 112 Avenue will enhance operations for trucks entering Sarcee Trail,
  • The increased southbound capacity will improve corridor operations for future traffic growth.