Traffic improvement projects

Traffic Improvements

Projects focused on improving traffic congestion and safety

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Calgary is growing both in population and in infrastructure, and with this growth comes impacts to traffic on our roadways. To address this issue, The City has developed the Traffic Operational Improvements program (TOI).

The program evaluates various intersections across Calgary that require operational improvements for a variety of reasons like traffic congestion and safety issues. Once an intersection meets the necessary criteria of the TOI program, a temporary traffic pilot or, in some cases, permanent traffic measures will be proposed for installation. Traffic pilot and/or permanent traffic measures could include:

  • Changes to signal timings
  • Temporary roadway restrictions
  • Additional permanent turning lanes

Traffic improvement projects

John Laurie Blvd N.W.

On November 1, 2022, The City of Calgary will be implementing traffic control changes along John Laurie Boulevard N.W. to reduce collisions and improve safety at three intersections.

These changes include:

  • Charleswood Drive N.W. – A signalized intersection at Charleswood Drive N.W. and John Laurie Boulevard N.W.
  • 19 Street N.W. – Prohibit left turns from northbound 19 Street N.W. to John Laurie Boulevard during the morning and afternoon peak periods on weekdays
  • Brisebois Drive N.W. – Prohibit left turns onto John Laurie Boulevard and through movements crossing John Laurie Boulevard from both Brisebois Drive N.W. and the Nose Hill parking lot on the north side during the morning and afternoon peak periods on weekdays 

Please note: The new signal will not include/allow pedestrian crossings.

The Parks Department considers Nose Hill Park north of the Charleswood Drive intersection as a sensitive area and does not want to encourage pedestrian activity to the area.  Park users can use established crossing locations or parking areas to access Nose Hill Park.

6 Street at 162 Avenue S.W.

A dual westbound left-turn will be implemented at the intersection of 6 Street and 162 Avenue S.W. in 2022. This dual westbound left-turn will provide additional capacity for traffic traveling to Silverado and communities to the south. It will also help decrease traffic congestion that has been caused by removing the access to Sherriff King Street from Highway 22X.

84 Street at 17 Avenue S.E.

A dual left-turn from southbound 84 Street to eastbound 17 Avenue S.E. will be installed in 2022. This change will help reduce congestion leaving the Easthills shopping complex.

Bow Trail S.W. U-Turn

A new U-Turn lane will be built on eastbound Bow Trail, at the existing pedestrian traffic lights east of the Sarcee Trail S.W. intersection.

The intersection of Bow Trail and Sarcee Trail is one of the most congested signalized intersections in Calgary. The U-Turn lane will help to alleviate some of the congestion at the Bow Trail/Sarcee Trail S.W. intersection. It will also provide residents from Strathcona Hill a more direct connection to northbound Sarcee Trail, reducing trip time by 2-5 minutes.

Royal Birch Blvd. at Country Hills Blvd. N.W.

Enhancements to Pedestrian Island

Pedestrian safety concerns crossing the southwest corner of the intersection of Country Hills Boulevard and Royal Birch Boulevard / 112 Avenue N.W.

In an effort to increase pedestrian safety at the intersection of Royal Birch Blvd. and Country Hills Blvd., Mobility is trialing an enlarged pedestrian island.  The outside through lane for eastbound traffic was repurposed to create this space.  The temporary island allows us to shift the crossing further west for better sightlines for both pedestrians and the eastbound motorist on Royal Birch Blvd.  This trial will last for a period of 1 year where we’ll be monitoring the safety, traffic congestion, and compliance.