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Kensington Road traffic safety improvements

In the summer of 2023, temporary measures were put in place to improve safety along Kensington Road.

These changes saw Kensington Road reduced to one traffic lane in each direction between 16 Street N.W. and 23 Street N.W. Temporary traffic calming curbs were used along the corridor to block the curb lane from vehicle use.

This project was in response to findings from a recent safety and operational review looking at collisions in the area. Based on traffic safety analysis, the changes are expected to reduce incidents and near-misses involving motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Changes included:

  • Reducing Kensington Road to a single lane in each direction.
  • Extending the curbs, using temporary traffic calming curbs, along the corridor and most crosswalks.
  • Extending the existing 40 km/h speed limit.
  • Adding in some parking on Kensington Road between 18 Street and 19 Street N.W. (Note: parking is not permitted in the curb lane along most of the corridor).
  • Installing rapid flashing beacon lights at Kensington Road and 16 Street and Kensington Road and 18A Street N.W.
    Note: Installation of rapid flashing beacon lights at Kensington Road and 16 Street N.W. has been delayed until 2024 to accommodate geometric design of curbs to allow for flexibility of future plans for Kensington Road.

Project timeline

  • August 2023: Completed – installation of temporary curb extensions, speed reduction to 40 km/h and rapid flashing beacon at 18A Street N.W.
  • February 2024: Completed – Installation of rapid flashing beacons at Kensington Road and 16 Street N.W.
  • Ongoing: Review of road configuration and adjustments made, if necessary.
  • Next Steps: Data has been collected in spring 2024 and will be reviewed and evaluated in summer 2024 to better understand how traffic patterns and behaviours have changed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What changes are being made along Kensington Road?

Curb extensions using temporary materials will be installed on Kensington Road to narrow down the lanes to one lane per direction.

How will reducing Kensington Road to one lane in each direction help with safety?

The narrower roadway is expected to reduce the number of people passing and going at higher speeds, making it safer for everyone and especially kids using crosswalks.

Will these changes result in traffic congestion along the corridor?

While reducing Kensington Road from two traffic lanes in each direction to one traffic lane in each direction could see a slight change in traffic patterns, the impacts are expected to be minimal based on current traffic counts. Therefore, the changes are not expected to result in increased congestion along the corridor. The temporary materials will allow us to make further adjustments if needed.

Are these changes going to be permanent?

The changes will be installed using temporary materials that can be adjusted as needed.  They are a short-term measure that can be implemented quickly while work to determine the long term plans progresses.

Why not just allow parking in the curb lanes along this corridor?

The parking demand is currently low and not likely to be well utilized.  Parking can also impact operations and safety as people open doors and back up to parallel park.

Will there be any parking added?

Parking will be added between 19 Street and 18 Street to mitigate the impact of currently occurring construction in that block. Other parking that currently exists will not be affected.

Will there be any new pedestrian infrastructure added as part of this project?

A new pedestrian flasher was added at 18A Street for the duration of the project. A new pedestrian flasher was added at 16 Street permanently. 

Will there be any new cycling infrastructure added as part of this project?

Formal cycling facilities will not be added as part of this project due to the short timelines and temporary materials used.  The project is expected to reduce speeds and improve safety for all users including cyclists using the corridor.

Why are the intersections of Kensington Road and Crowchild Trail and Kensington Road and 14 Street N.W. not included in this plan?

The intersections of Kensington Road and Crowchild Trail and Kensington Road and 14 Street N.W. are more complex and require further study, therefore, it was determined not to include them at this time.

What are the next steps or evaluation strategy for this project?

Data was collected in spring 2024 and will be reviewed and evaluated in summer 2024 to better understand how travel patterns and behaviours have changed.