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Make inquiries regarding traffic signal timing and coordination, report damaged traffic signals or request a new traffic or left turn signal.

Traffic signal timing and coordination

Downtown: Our traffic management team programs downtown traffic signals to help keep traffic moving during rush hour, off-peak hours, evenings and weekends.

Outside downtown: Traffic signals are set to provide sequential green lights along major routes. Sensors detect traffic stopped at the opposing intersection, the timing and duration of signals is then adjusted to accommodate traffic volumes in all directions.

If you have a question about the timing of traffic signals, please complete the online service request.

Report a damaged traffic signal

To report a traffic signal that’s damaged or isn’t working, please complete the online service request.

Request a new traffic or left turn signal

We use a warrant system to decide where new traffic signals are needed for safe, efficient traffic flows. Requests for new signals are generally granted for locations that meet the warrant criteria, although installation may be delayed if funding isn’t readily available.

Traffic Signal Warrant Study

We consider several factors during a warrant study. Each finding is scored and the total score determines the action.

  • 100 or higher: A traffic signal is warranted.
  • 80-99: A traffic signal isn’t warranted at this time. However, we’ll put the intersection on a watch list and repeat the study each year.
  • ≤0-79: A traffic signal isn’t warranted at this time. We won’t repeat the study for at least two years unless conditions change.

Please check to see if a warrant study has already been done prior to submitting a request.

Completed traffic signal warrant studies


Left Turn Signal Warrant Study

Factors considered in a left-turn warrant study include traffic volumes, delays, collision history and impact on intersection operation. The result is one of two possible outcomes:

  • Warranted: We’ll install a left turn signal, pending funding availability.
  • Not warranted: A left turn signal isn’t warranted at this time. We won’t repeat the study for at least two years unless conditions change.


Completed left turn signal warrant studies


Request a new Left Turn Arrow study​​​​​​​


Traffic signals at a Calgary intersection
Traffic signals at a Calgary intersection