Traffic vibrations are typically caused by large, heavy vehicles, like buses, driving over irregularities in the road surface. Passenger cars and light trucks rarely cause noticeable vibrations. These vibrations are often more a problem of annoyance than a health or safety concern and tolerance levels vary from person to person.

As Calgary continues to grow and expand, our infrastructure will be affected as well. Things like new housing developments, including infill housing, and the construction of new utility connections will have an effect on road smoothness. New noticeable traffic induced vibrations may form particularly on a busy street with bus and truck traffic.

In Canada, noticeable vibration levels in the winter can be less than half the levels of the other seasons, the spring thaw period being slightly higher than summer or fall.

For more information on traffic vibrations, including how they affect you and your home, download The City's Traffic Vibrations brochure

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After filing a Customer Service Request, a Roads Inspector will investigate the overall condition of the road(s) adjacent to your residence. In certain situations it may be necessary to measure the traffic induced vibrations in your home using a seismogra​ph. Any significant measurements will be plotted on The City of Calgary’s Human response to traffic vibrations scale and the USBM/OSMRE (The United States bureau of Mines/Office of Surface Mining Reclamation & Enforcement) drywall and plaster analysis. The inspector will go over the results with you and discuss next steps. Any required repairs will only be completed on a severity basis. Often times traffic vibrations will measure lower on these scales than things like jumping, closing a door or operating household appliances.

Also, the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC) has published an in-depth study of traffic vibrations and their effects. Read the report on Traffic Vibrations in Buildings and Traffic vibrations in houses from the NRCC website.

Loud noises from traffic can also cause noticeable vibrations. The City of Calgary is committed to reducing the impact of such noise sources in residential areas through the Noise Barrier Program. ​