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Green Line LRT Project

Planning the Green Line

Crescent Heights, Eau Claire and North Calgary

In Segment 2 we are moving to a process called functional design. This is where we better understand the unique engineering requirements and any specific issues that need to be addressed to develop detailed functional plans for the project.  

Completing the functional plan for Segment 2 includes examining how the LRT will change travel patterns on Centre Street North and in surrounding communities, as well as what requirements LRT stations will have. It also includes a Streetscape Master Plan for Centre Street N, North Central Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Study and design concepts for the new Bow River bridge. The functional plan will be completed by spring 2021 and will set the stage for procurement in fall 2021.

Upcoming work

To complete the functional planning for Segment 2, a number of projects, studies and analysis needs to be completed in the area and north of 16th Avenue, including environmental studies, access planning, station location analysis, investigative drilling along the updated alignment, structural design, pathway and pedestrian connection studies and more.

There are four initiatives as part of Planning the Green Line that will be kicking off public engagement in late 2020 and early 2021. These are:

Bow River Bridge

The new Bow River bridge connects our city in an entirely new way, changing how we move, from south to north, from car to bicycle, bringing Calgarians together. 

Over the past year, we have heard from Calgarians about the importance of good connections at both ends of the bridge, the need to design for people who walk and wheel as well as the LRT and the importance of protecting Prince’s Island Park and the Eau Claire Promenade.  

As we move into more detailed planning, we want to hear from you to inform the design and character of the bridge. Starting in November, we’ll be gathering input to inform the development of more detailed bridge design concepts that support mobility while respecting the importance of Prince’s Island.

We want to know how you’ll use the bridge, what it should look like and any features that will make it a valuable part of how you experience our city. Do you want a bold, innovative design or something more low-key? Do you want spaces to stop along the way and enjoy the view, or something that just gets you from point A to point B? 

Your ideas and input will be used to help develop design concepts for the new bridge, which will be brought back to Calgarians for feedback and comments later in the year and into 2021. 

North Mobility Studies

With the addition of the Green Line LRT and North Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), we know Calgarians and visitors are going to move differently throughout Calgary, especially along Centre Street North. We are conducting a variety of studies to project how current travel patterns may change as a result of Green Line operations on opening day (2027) and into the future. The goal is to understand what changes we need to make to our transportation network to ensure safe and efficient movement whether you travel by foot, wheels, train or bus.  

The study area extends from downtown north to Country Hills Boulevard, east to Deerfoot Trail and west to Crowchild Trail, with a focus on Crescent Heights and communities bordering the LRT and BRT routes.  

These studies will help address issues and concerns we’ve heard from Calgarians and identify:

  • mobility plans
  • traffic calming measures
  • parking opportunities
  • access in and out of communities
  • access to businesses

Throughout late-November and early-December we will be working with Calgarians and stakeholders to gather input on our technical work. Then, in early 2021, we will report back on what we heard and share preliminary concepts that will help improve mobility throughout the study area.

Streetscape Masterplan for Centre Street N

The addition of the Green Line LRT will change not only the look and feel of Centre Street North but also its role and function within the city. In early 2020 we asked Calgarians how they used Centre Street North today and what their vision was for the future. We learned through engagement that Calgarians are excited about the opportunity for the streetscape and public realm improvements that will come with Green Line. Priorities were put on elements such as creating a sense of place, ensuring pedestrian accessibility, safety and access to businesses as well as having trees and vegetation.  

To help guide the redevelopment of Centre Street North a Streetscape Master Plan is being developed as part of the Green Line project. The Streetscape Master Plan will take into consideration mobility, improved accessibility, safety and beautification as well as identifying opportunities to create vibrant places in the community that focus on social connections, local character, pedestrian comfort, and activities. Your ideas and input will be used to help understand community priorities and inform the Streetscape Master Plan.

North Central Bus Rapid Transit Study

As Green Line leaves downtown and crosses the Bow River we know that communities to the North must connect to the transit network and that bus service will need to adapt to the new LRT line. The study will consider improvements from downtown along the existing Centre Street and Harvest Hills Boulevard route to 160th Avenue North.

As we plan for a North Central BRT, we will seek your input this fall on issues and opportunities to improve how BRT stations function in your neighbourhoods and how we can improve the corridor and transit service in general.

With your feedback we will prepare options for North Central BRT improvements. The options will be presented in early 2021 for feedback and additional engagement sessions will be hosted.

We recognize that a significant amount of public engagement has occurred in your communities in the past; that input will also be taken into consideration as we continue public engagement through 2020 & 2021.

How to stay involved

Over the past few years, we’ve heard from Calgarians about the importance of the Green Line to Calgary and their communities. This includes extensive engagement this past spring on Segment 2, which included in-person events with nearly 1,300 Calgarians and more than 5,000 online comments.

We’ve learned that Calgarians expect additional planning of Green Line to address changes to traffic and mobility, protect safety, ensure access to businesses and services and contribute to improving community livability.

Extensive feedback we’ve heard in the past will be used as we continue planning and finalizing the functional design, but there’s still more areas we want your input on.

Later this fall, we’ll be sharing more about these planning initiatives and asking Calgarians to share their feedback to help us inform the plans and concept development.

Green Line is an investment in Calgary

The Green Line LRT is the largest infrastructure project in Calgary’s history. With $4.9 billion in unprecedented investments from the Government of Canada, Government of Alberta and City of Calgary, Green Line will play a vital role in shaping our city’s future. From kick-starting our economy with 20,000 jobs to connecting people and places to reducing congestion on our roads, Green Line will help build the Calgary of tomorrow.

An updated Stage 1 alignment for Green Line was approved by Council in June 2020. Detailed design and construction on Segment 1 (Inglewood/Ramsay to Shepard) will begin in 2021, following a competitive procurement process. Council’s approval also sets the stage for more detailed planning for the Segment 2 alignment that extends from 16th Avenue North to Inglewood/Ramsay and includes bridges over the Bow River and Elbow River, tunnel through Beltline and Downtown, and North Central BRT improvements. Planning for Segment 2 is underway and is expected to begin construction in 2022.

Engagement opportunities

November 2020
Bow River bridge design

Late-November to early-December
Online engagment begins on North Mobility Studies, North Central BRT and Streetscape Masterplan: Centre Street N.

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