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Calgary traffic cameras

Here you can view up-to-the-minute traffic camera images of current road conditions on major routes as well as other key intersections. Find your route or camera of interest on either the location listing below or on the map that follows. Answers to some common questions about the traffic monitoring system are liste​​d under the FAQ tab at the bottom of the locations list.

Traffic camera locations

16 Avenue


Bow Trail


Crowchild Trail


Deerfoot Trail


Glenmore Trail


Macleod Trail


Memorial Drive


Stoney Trail











  1. I see a camera at a specific intersection, but I don't see it when I look online. Why not?

    The reasons vary:

    • Some cameras are used for enforcement rather than for traffic monitoring purposes. An example is a camera used by Calgary Police Service to identify drivers running a red light.
    • The camera may be offline for maintenance.
    • The camera may be at an intersection where a collision has just occurred. In such cases the cameras are temporarily taken offline to protect the identity of individuals/vehicles involved.

  2. Where can I learn more about cameras used for enforcement?
    Camera locations and other information is available on the Speed on green and red light cameras page.           
  3. I was involved in a traffic collision. Is there any way to view a recording of a traffic camera at a particular intersection?
    No, traffic camera footage is not recorded. However we can provide traffic signal timing reports that will show the operational status of a specific signal/intersection at a particular date/time. Report fees, processing times and other details are available on the Traffic Signal Operation Reports and Intersection Plans page.
  4. What about my privacy while driving?               
    No personal information such as license plate numbers or car occupant faces are recorded by the camera system. The City respects Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) legislation and has completed a 'Privacy Impact Assessment' to address privacy issues related to the camera system.

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Traffic camera

Real-time traffic information

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