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Inglewood sanitary trunk project

About this project

When water runs down a sink, drain or toilet, it becomes wastewater. To manage this wastewater, sanitary trunks are constructed to deliver wastewater to one of three wastewater treatment plants. The existing sanitary trunk that carries sanitary flow from North Calgary, Airdrie and Cochrane to the Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant is nearing capacity.

To meet the current and projected wastewater needs, we are upgrading the capacity of the Inglewood Sanitary Trunk with 4km of new sanitary pipe. This new trunk is critical to maintaining a high-level of sanitary service to Inglewood and surrounding communities.

Construction updates - February 2020

From mid-February to end of July 2020, we’ll be at 9 Street and 8 Avenue S.E. completing the last section of the Inglewood Sanitary Trunk and connection to the existing Inner City Trunk. During this time there will be the following road closures:

  • The south end of 9 Street S.E. will be closed for approximately two weeks starting mid-February.
  • The intersection at 8 Avenue and 9 Street S.E. will be closed for approximately five months beginning early March.

Project route and timeline

What is the proposed route for the Inglewood Sanitary Trunk?

Click on image to enlarge and view microtunnelling route.

What is microtunnelling?

Microtunnelling is a method of installing utilities by digging shafts and then connecting them by underground pipes rather than digging large trenches. This allows us to install the pipe with fewer disruptions to traffic and community access.

Spring 2019 - Completed work

  • Construction of shafts 3, 4
  • Construction of shafts 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Microtunnelling from Highfield Landfill at Highfield Boulevard S.E. (shaft 6) to Blackfood Trail at Ogden Road S.E. (shaft 5)

Summer 2019 - Completed work

  • Construction of shaft 2
  • Begin microtunnelling from Highfield Landfill at Highfield Boulevard S.E. (shaft 6) to Private Property (shaft 8)
  • Begin and complete microtunnelling at Highfield Landfill at Highfield Boulevard S.E. (shaft 6 to shaft 7)
  • Begin open cut construction to Bonnybrook WasteWater Treatment Plant
  • Closure of 15 Street S.E. and 42 Avenue S.E. begins Aug. 6, 2019. Closure will be in effect for approximately four weeks

Fall/Winter 2019 - Under construction

  • Begin and complete microtunnelling from Crossroads Market (shaft 4) to 11 Street S.E. at CP Rail Bridge (shaft 3)

Early 2020

  • Begin and complete microtunnel from Crossroads Market (shaft 4) to Blackfoot Trail and Ogden Road S.E. (shaft 5)
  • Construction of shaft 1
  • Closure of intersection at 8 Avenue S.E. and 9 Street S.E. begins March 2020. Closure will be in effect approximately five months.

Spring/Summer 2020

  • Complete microtunnel from
  • Adelaide Street S.E. at 9 Street S.E. (shaft 2) to 8 Avenue S.E. (shaft 1)
  • Inner city tie in work at shaft 1

Project impacts


There will be temporary detours and access restrictions during this project. If detours or restrictions are needed, every effort will be made to work with residents to maintain access for local traffic. There will be no disruption to garbage collection during construction.


Dust levels will be low. There will be some dust during construction of the microtunnelling shafts and open cut construction. The City will respond to dust through street cleaning/sweeping as needed.

Noise levels

Noise levels during construction
Click to view larger image.

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