Fire hydrant flow test

Requesting a fire hydrant flow test

If you require information about the volume or pressure of a City of Calgary fire hydrant, you can either request a fire hydrant flow test or request results from a previous test.

We can provide information from our previous tests for free. If you require a new test, we can conduct one on your behalf for a fee.

To request a fire hydrant flow test or results from a previous test, please complete the online service request below or please contact 311. Fire hydrant flow tests are also referred to as fire flow tests. Fire hydrant tests are conducted between May and October, weather permitting.

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City of Calgary testing on fire hydrants

We conduct various flow tests annually to identify potential problems and to make sure there is adequate water pressure and volume in the system.

Volume issues can be caused by closed valves and/or deterioration of aging pipes. The levels of residual and static pressure are often measured during the flow test and are good indicators to the conditions of the water system.

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