Food truck and RV wastewater disposal

Food trucks must follow a set of steps when it comes to disposing of wastewater, including disposing of it at an approved location and filling out a logbook of disposals.

Recreational vehicles (RVs) must also dispose of wastewater at approved locations.

What are the locations for food truck and RV wastewater drop-off?

Food trucks and RVs in Calgary must drop-off wastewater at this place:

What are the rules for the food truck logbook?

After making the drop-off, you must fill out a logbook that includes the date, time, location, approximate volume, and the name of the person making the disposal. You must also be able to share the logbook if asked by an inspector or officer.

Bylaw details and contacts

To learn more about disposal rules, see section 34.1 of the Wastewater Bylaw.

For other questions about commercial wastewater disposal, please e-mail our Industrial Monitoring Group or call 403-268-4698.