Wastewater compliance monitoring

The Industrial Monitoring Group regulates the industrial discharges into our wastewater and stormwater systems through ongoing inspections and sampling to ensure the water going into the City’s wastewater treatment plants through wastewater system meets the requirements of the Wastewater Bylaw.

Industrial specific information and compliance information documents

An effective relationship between industry and municipal government is essential in effectively disposing of contaminated wastewater and in keeping our environment safe. An important part of this cooperation focuses on removing harmful substances before disposing of wastewater. It is important that every facility be properly equipped to prevent releases of unwanted substances.

Industry Specific information and Best Management Practice (BMP) documents were created to help industries to meet Wastewater Bylaw industrial wastewater discharge requirements.

A written record of all maintenance, cleaning and inspections of your pre-treatment must be kept on file for two years. Download a template of the pre-treatment maintenance record.

Alberta Environment and Parks documents