Hydrant Inspection Booking for HCU

The hydrant permit system continues to be available for customers requiring access to bulk water. In addition to hydrants, the City of Calgary maintains several permanent bulk water fill stations throughout Calgary that can also be used for obtaining bulk water. The City of Calgary encourages customers to first use these bulk water fill stations wherever possible and use hydrants as a last resort. Applicants need to disclose if they intend to add chemicals to the water and provide the MSDS (subject to approval). If approved, chemicals will be listed in the agreement.

All interested hydrant users must apply and receive approval. In certain cases, you may be directed to use a bulk water station instead of a hydrant. To arrange for a hydrant permit call 268-4712 or 268-4416 to book an appointment. Please note that only registered companies can obtain a permit for a hydrant unit.

Hydrants are connected to Calgary’s drinking water system and protection of the water system is of paramount importance to The City of Calgary. Hydrant users play a role in ensuring a safe and reliable drinking water supply for all customers by following these requirements.

A map of fire hydrant locations can be found on Fire hydrants in Calgary.

To arrange for a Hydrant Inspection please open a 311 Service Request.