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Water Saving Tips, FAQs, more information

Are you a multi-family customer?

Multi-family customers include:

  • Apartment buildings (a single building comprised of five or more dwelling units with shared entrance facilities)
  • Multi-family residences with more than five attached units NOT individually metered by The City.

For these residences, there may be one common City water meter that services all of the units in the building or complex, under the responsibility of a condo or property management company.

If you are unclear about which services are your responsibility:

Please review your ENMAX bill or check with ENMAX Customer Care.

You can also check with your condo or management company to see if water utility charges are included in your monthly fees.

Customer service

Questions or concerns about your water utility bill?

Please visit  the ENMAX Customer Care Centre or contact 310-2010. ENMAX is The City's contracted customer care, billing and meter reading provider.

Need help reading your water bill?

For information on the rates and service charges on your bill, visit Understanding your Water Utility Bill & Water Rates.

Need a new account?

See how to set up a new water account, visit Accounts and Billing.

Water rates and service charges

In 2024, Multi-family customers saw a slight increase in their overall bill.

The typical monthly water bill increased 2.2 per cent which works out to $48.86 per month on the average monthly bill of $2,238.00.

Delivering services you value

Rates and service charges are set at the lowest level possible to:

  • cover the cost of providing water, wastewater, and stormwater services
  • perform required maintenance and upgrades to the system

Utility customers ensure we are able to deliver safe, reliable drinking water, treat wastewater safely and protect the river now and for years to come.

Multi-family rates

Multi-Family Residential Rates

Multi-Family Residential customers include apartment buildings and multi-family residences with more than five attached units that are not individually metered by The City. For more information on what each of the rates and charges listed below pays for, visit Understanding water rates & utility bills.


Multi-Family Residential

**(Based on a business using 584m3 per month with a 40mm meter)




% change

Impact on monthly bill

2024 monthly bill

Water treatment and supply

Usage rate per cubic metre

(1 cubic metre = 1000 litres)






Service charge per 30 days



Wastewater collection and treatment

Usage rate per cubic metre*

(1 cubic metre = 1000 litres)






Service charge per 30 days



Stormwater management

Service charge per 30 days






* Not all of the water delivered to your home over 12 months is returned to the wastewater system. In 2024 the wastewater usage is your water usage multiplied by 0.95 to reflect that over the course of the year you return around 95% of the water used to the wastewater system. This percentage is used year-round and recognizes seasonal fluctuations where you send more water to the wastewater treatment system in the winter months and less during the summer months because of outdoor activities like watering.

Your rates and charges pay for three important services

Water Treatment Supply

Treatment and delivery of the clean and safe water used in your home or business, which includes:

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Collecting and safely treating the water you produce from flushing toilets, draining sinks and bathtubs, and then returning it to our rivers, which includes:

  • Three wastewater treatment plants
  •  Significant upgrades to our treatment plants to meet regulatory requirements
  • Maintenance of over 7000 kms of wastewater pipes
  • High quality water returned to our rivers
  • Responsive field crews to address service interruptions

Stormwater Management

Reliable street drainage, flood protection and river health, which includes:

  • Protection from property damage
  • Storm ponds that help protect our rivers from 30,000 tonnes of sediment
  • Maintenance and improvements to the stormwater system
  • Investment in flood protection and riverbank improvements