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WaterSense-labelled, high-efficiency toilets

WaterSense-labelled toilets include high efficiency toilets with a single flush mechanism as well as several different dual-flush models (which use a higher volume of water for a solid flush and a lower volume for liquid flush).

For a searchable list of WaterSense labelled toilets, visit:

There are many things to consider when choosing a new toilet:

Basement bathrooms

Even without other water flow (from showers and sinks), high-efficiency toilets can flush effectively in basement settings.

Independent research shows performance depends on the quality of the toilet flush design, not the amount of water used per flush or the location of the toilets in a home or building. Ensure you're choosing a toilet that performs to your expectations.

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Calculating flush volume of your old toilet

To determine the flush volume of your toilet, measure the width, depth and height of the tank in centimetres. Multiply the three numbers, then divide by 1,000. That is the flush volume of your toilet.

For example:

  1. 33cm x 19cm x 22cm = 13,13794
  2. 13,794/1000 = 13.74
  3. Your flush volume is 13.74 litres

Please note, you can drop off your old toilet for a fee at a Calgary landfill location.

Drainline carry

Extensive testing has shown that water-efficient toilets provide more than enough water to transport waste through your home's drainpipes to the sewer. If you find your toilet is frequently plugged, it is more likely a sign that your drainpipes are partially or fully blocked than your toilet is not functioning properly.


High-efficiency toilets use less water than other models every time you flush.


Toilets are available at different price points to suit a wide range of budgets; many models are in the $100 to $250 range.

Price may not dictate quality, so always check the performance rating. 


New high-efficiency toilets are not only practical, but stylish. Choose between one-piece models (where the tank and bowl are one piece) or two piece-models (where the tank and bowl are fitted together).

White is the standard toilet colour but a rainbow of hues are now available and can be special ordered from retailers.

Toilet footprint, height and rough-in

The toilet footprint is the floor space the toilet takes on the floor.

Consider the height of your new toilet and any restrictions your bathroom has, such as countertops.

Choose a toilet that matches your existing rough-in by measuring the distance from the bolts on the base of the toilet to the wall behind the toilet (if there are two sets of bolts, measure from the set closest to the wall).


Check the warranty of the toilet you're purchasing to ensure it meets your needs. Some toilets have no warranty, while others have 20-year warranties that even include in-home service.

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Check your toilet (new and old) for leaks every six months:

  • Drop: Put several drops of food colouring into the toilet tank
  • Peek: Wait a few minutes and check if the water in the toilet bowl changes colour
  • Repair: If the water changes colour, your toilet is leaking and needs repair
Calculating Flush Volume