Storm Ponds: Stay Safe, Stay Back, Stay Off

Stay off the ice and out of the water. Any recreational use is strictly prohibited on or in storm ponds. On-ice activities, including skating or sledding, or water contact such as swimming, wading or, boating of any type is dangerous and a fineable offence. 

Although they often look like natural small lakes or a great place to have some fun, storm ponds are actually man-made stormwater facilities and dangerous. 

Storm ponds are unpredictable and can be very deep. The potential of rapidly changing water levels, (due to inlet and outlet pipes), underwater currents and poor water quality, makes storm ponds unsafe for any recreational purposes like wading, swimming, fishing, or ice skating.

Don’t risk your life. Keep your family and pets healthy and safe by keeping them out of storm ponds. 

The City of Calgary has plenty of alternatives that are safe, no matter the season, that doesn’t include storm ponds.

Outdoor skating rinks (

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing (

Tobogganing and sledding (

Wading pools, spray parks and outdoor pools (

Prohibited Activites

No dumping

Place garbage and pet waste in bins provided or take it to one of Calgary’s landfills.

Keep your pets away from the water:

Keep your animals away from storm ponds for their health and safety.

Stay off the ice in winter:

Any type of on-ice activity, including skating, is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

Do not stock or go fishing in a storm pond:

It is illegal to stock or dump fish in a storm pond.

Stay out of the water:

Water contact (swimming, wading, boating) of any type is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

Have a concern about a storm pond?  Please contact 311 or use the 311 app to report concerns on:

  • Odours
  • Retrieval of items from storm ponds
  • Algae blooms
  • Inquiries or maintenance 
  • If you see fish (it is illegal to release fish into storm ponds)