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311 Calgary mobile app FAQ

Is this a free service?

311 Calgary is a taxpayer funded service for the benefits of all Calgarians. There is no charge to request information or service from The City of Calgary.

Once the request is sent to the appropriate department for action applicable fees for licensing, permits or purchasing a product may be required in order to fulfill your request.

How many services are available on the 311 Calgary mobile app?

There are 47 service requests on the 311 App under eleven (11) categories / issues types. The City is continuing on making more services available on the mobile app.

What types of services are currently available on the 311 Calgary mobile app?

Below is a list of services available on the App right now: 

  • Snow & Ice: Report snow and ice on roadways and pathways; report snow and ice not shovelled from City sidewalks (adjacent to private land) after it is has been 24 hours after snow has stopped falling.
  • Garbage & Debris: Report or request clearing of debris from City roadways and clearing debris found in backlane/sidewalk/boulevard; report garbage concerns in a park; report maintenance concerns on private property
  • Graffiti: Report graffiti concerns on private, public property, utility boxes, utility poles, mailboxes, news and courier boxes.
  • Long Grass and Weeds: Long grass or weeds (higher than 15 cm or 6 inches) on private property, parks and along public thoroughfares and on residential medians.
  • Parks & Trees: Report irrigation, pathway and tree concerns (maintenance and tree protection from development).
  • Roads Maintenance: Report cracks, potholes or uneven surfaces requiring repair; street cleaning; sidewalk, curb and gutter repair; request pick-up of dead animal from roadway.
  • Roads Traffic Signal Lights: Report traffic signal devices where there is a timing concern or report a traffic signal or pedestrian signallight which requires repair.
  • Sign Infractions and Traffic Signs: Report sign maintenance issues on fixed or permanent traffic signage and poles along roadways; requests for new road-markings and crosswalks (no flashing lights); report temporary sign infractions on boulevards.
  • Street & Park Lights: Report streetlight maintenance or damage (along roadways) or lighting concerns within a park
  • Taxi, Limousine & Business Licence: Report a taxi or limousine compliment; taxi or limousine concern; business licence concern.
  • Water & Sewer: Report catch basin and catch basin grate concerns; a fire hydrant issue; manhole damage or discharge; manhole too high or low.
  • Other: Report other concerns not listed on the 311 mobile app.
  • NOTE: Parking offences are handled by reporting directly to Calgary Parking. Phone 403-537-7100 (select option 2) 24/7.

Do I need to enable ‘Location Service’ or GPS when using the 311 Calgary mobile app?

Yes. Your ‘Location Service’ or GPS needs to be enabled on your Apple or Android device to allow our 311 Calgary mobile app to detect your location. The phone’s GPS will identify and will auto populate the location of your request. If you wish to report a concern at a different location than your current one simply click on the location field and drag the map until the cross hairs are directly over the location of the concern.

How to enable ‘Location Services’ or GPS on your smartphone?

  • Go to ‘Settings
  • Tap on ‘Privacy,’
  • Choose ‘Location Services,’
  • Scroll down to 311 YYC or 311 Calgary and change the settings to ‘On’

What does ‘Reporter’ means on the 311 Calgary mobile app?

The reporter is where you can enter your contact information. Entering your contact information will save you time and effort when making future requests. You only have to enter your name, phone number and email address once on each device. When you submit future service requests on the same device your personal contact information will be automatically added to your request. If you wish to share your service request so the public can see the issue you reported, your personal contact information will not be shared or displayed.

What does the ‘Share’ button mean? Who am I sharing the information I’m submitting with?

Sharing your request allows other website or app users to see that the request has already been reported. If you select the "on" setting, other users can see a list, map or photos of the last 100 service requests submitted. If you enable sharing, your contact information will not be shared with other users, only the information relevant to the service request. Select “off” if you do not wish to share the information from your service request.  The website allows the public to view a list of requests that have been submitted. There is also additional ways to view services submitted by type and status on the website.

Note: Due to the investigative nature of Snow Not Shovelled on Public Sidewalk, Taxi or Limousine Concerns and Taxi or Limousine Compliments the option to share with the public is disabled.