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Tackling the tax shift together



Tackling the tax shift



The City is committed to engaging with you.



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Calgary’s Fast Financial Facts

The City is committed to engaging with you.


Working to reduce small business burden since 2015

Since 2015 the steep and rapid decline in the market value of a small number of high valued downtown properties resulted in a redistribution of property taxes ($250 million from 2015-2018) to other non-residential properties, causing untenable property tax increases for some property owners. ​

The tax shift in downtown offices 

Office towers in the core provided 32 per cent of the total non-residential property tax revenue in 2015. Today, it provides only 18 per cent.​

Businesses are vital in job creation and in creating vibrancy in our communities.

City Council has provided a total of $216 million in tax relief programs to businesses in 2017, 2018, and 2019 to mitigate the impact of extraordinary increases to eligible non- residential properties through Municipal Non- Residential Phased Tax Programs (PTP).

These tax relief programs effectively cap non-residential property taxes for one-year but when the tax-cap is lifted the following year, PTP recipients see the property tax increase from the previous year and the current year reflected at once on their property tax bill.

Longer-term property tax solutions are being considered, including continuing to shift some tax responsibility from non-residential to residential properties.​​​