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The Home Program


The Home Program supports Calgarians in affordable housing. Our goal is to help non-profit groups increase tenant self-sufficiency and involvement in community activities.

Home Program Goals

Our strategy includes four goals to support residents of affordable housing communities:

1. Increase housing stability

Stable long-term housing helps people to remain employed and maintain a healthy home environment.

2. Increase financial competency

Increasing knowledge and skills to build strong financial habits toward self-sufficiency.

3. Increase access to and comfort with community well-being services

The Home Program is centered around the belief that if residents are comfortable accessing programs and services, then they are more likely to participate in community well-being activities.

4. Increase opportunity for resident-led community activities

Empower residents to lead positive community change.

2019 Grants

In 2019, Calgary Housing is offering a grant program to support non-profit groups and housing providers. This grant program will encourage the creation of projects that stimulate positive, long-term change for residents and affordable housing communities.​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Learn more and apply​​​​​​​​​