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Impounded cats and dogs


Why are animals impounded?

Cats and dogs found “at large” in our city are taken off the street and impounded because:

  • It is a violation under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, and
  • stray animals create safety issues for Calgarians and for the animals.

Are there fees for impounding my animal?

To support the care of animals, fees are charged for impounded cats and dogs.

To encourage you to claim your lost cat and dog as soon as possible, keep fees are not charged until the second day.

**There is always an impoundment fee.


​Animal Impound Fee ​$44.00 + GST​
​Vicious Animal Impound Fee ​​$289.00 + GST​
​Dog keep fee, per day​ ​$29.00 + GST
​Cat keep fee, per day​ ​$22.00 + GST​
​Euthanasia Fee ​​$55.00 + GST​

I think my animal has been impounded

  • Impounded cats and dogs with ID (licence tag, a legible tattoo, or a readable microchip with current information,) are held for ten days.
  • Impounded cats and dogs without ID are held for four days.
  • Any animals not claimed by their owners have health and behavioural assessments to determine if they will be made available for adoption.

Check our impounded animals. If you think your pet is here:


Impounded cats and dogs


<div class="ExternalClass8FBD0F8FF6B84A84BB6A66D804A6CA52"><p>​Impounded cats currently at Animal Service Centre.</p></div>

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Impounded cats

​Impounded cats currently at Animal Service Centre.

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Impounded dogs

​Impounded dogs currently at Animal Service Centre.

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