At this time, the Animal Services Centre remains open to the public.

However, in order to limit the risk of illness spreading at this time we ask that if you find a stray animal you do not bring the animal to the facility unless they are injured or in distress and there is no option for you to take the animal to a veterinary clinic.

If you believe that your animal has been impounded and needs to be reclaimed but you are unwell or self-isolating, please send a family member or friend who is symptom-free on your behalf to claim your pet from the Animal Services Centre.  When speaking with the Animal Services staff please make them aware of who you are sending prior to their arrival. This person should be familiar with your dog or cat and comfortable handling and transporting it.

Photo ID is required before releasing any animal and must be presented at the time of pick up. If you believe your lost animal is currently at Animal Services, or have further questions please call 311.​

Why are animals impounded?

Cats and dogs found “at large” in our city are taken off the street and impounded because:

  • It is a violation under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, and
  • stray animals create safety issues for Calgarians and for the animals.

If your pet was lost and found or impounded at the facility on Sunday:

  • If you qualify for the Free Ride Home Program through your pet licence, Community Standards peace officers will coordinate and return your lost pet home.
  • If your pet is impounded while the Animal Services Centre is closed and there are extenuating circumstance such as a medical need, call 311 to connect with peace officers.
  • If there is no urgent need to reclaim your (unlicensed) pet, you may be required to retrieve your pet the following Monday.

Are there fees for impounding my animal?

To support the care of animals, fees are charged for impounded cats and dogs.

To encourage you to claim your lost cat and dog as soon as possible, keep fees are not charged until the second day.

**There is always an impoundment fee.


​Animal impound fee

$47.00 + GST

​Vicious animal impound fee

$310.00 + GST

​Dog keep fee, per day​

$33.00 + GST

​Cat keep fee, per day​

$25.00 + GST

I think my animal has been impounded

  • Impounded cats and dogs with ID (licence tag, a legible tattoo, or a readable microchip with current information,) are held for ten days.
  • Impounded cats and dogs without ID are held for four days.
  • Any animals not claimed by their owners have health and behavioural assessments to determine if they will be made available for adoption.

Check our impounded animals

If you think your pet may have been impounded, check the Impounded cats or Impounded dogs links below. If you believe the description or location of an impounded cat or dog listed under ‘No Image Available’ could be your pet, please call 311 and ask to speak with an Animal Services representative prior to attending the Animal Services Centre. If your animal isn't listed, or if you have other questions or concerns, contact us.

  • Impounded cats

    ​Impounded cats currently at Animal Service Centre.

  • Impounded dogs

    ​Impounded dogs currently at Animal Service Centre.

  • Contact us

    ​Questions or concerns? Give us a call or come down and visit.

Help us reunite impounded pets with their owners in our Animal Services Facebook Group.