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Lost cats and dogs

I've found a lost cat or dog

Turning a lost pet into the right place, quickly, is very important.

We take cats or dogs that:​

  • are found within city limits with or without ID

The Calgary Humane Society takes cats, dogs and other animals that are:

  • found outside Calgary city limits.
  • cats within the city limits missing a City license tag, microchip, or tattoo.
  • exotic animals (birds, reptiles, etc.).
  • surrendered or abandoned animals.

Vet clinics takes cats, dogs and other animals when:

I've lost my cat or dog

What you should do:
  1. Call 311 or 403-268-2489 (outside Calgary) and file a Lost Animal Report.
  2. Check​ if your pet has been brought to us.
  3. Download our Pets mobile app​ so you can keep checking in.
  4. Visit the Animal Services Centre to view the cats and dogs​. (It's easier to identify your pet in person instead of photos.)

Other tips:

  • Double-check with family/house members on where your pet might be.
  • Do a thorough search of your home. Smaller cats and dogs may be hiding.
  • Ask friends and family to search the neighbourhood.
  • Talk to your neighbours - maybe they’ve seen your cat or dog.
  • Call local vet clinics - people often bring stray pets to a vet.

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Lost cats and dogs


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Impounded cats

​Impounded cats currently at Animal Service Centre.

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Impounded dogs

​Impounded dogs currently at Animals.

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Contact us

​Questions or concerns? Give us a call or come down and visit.

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Help us reunite impounded pets with their owners in our Animal Services Facebook Group.