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Annual BIA reports

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Council approves the following reports and requests annually:

​Report​ ​Description ​Process ​Information due to City of Calgary  ​Report to Committee/ Council​ Other Information​
​BIA Budgets and Enabling Bylaws Report
  • ​​BIAs submit an annual proposed budget for approval. Tax is based on the proposed budget & collected through a levy from taxable businesses in BIA. 
  • Report approves annual budgets for  BIAs and the bylaws. 
  • BIAs submit annual budgets to City BIA staff.
  • City staff write and bring forward a report to Council for approval.
​November ​January ​City issues BIA annual cheque of approved budget amount. Cheque is typically issued in Q1.​
​Audited Financial Statements Report
  • ​BIAs must submit annual audited financial statements to Council
  • BIAs submit their annual statements.
  • City gives report for Council approval.
​May ​July
​Requests for BIA Boundary Expansions, Name Changes, and Establishment
  • ​BIA requests inform report content.
  • ​BIAs or BIA ECs bring requests and changes to City.
  • City with groups on process.
​March ​September
​Board Appointment Report​
  • ​Council approval required annually to appointment members to each BIA’s Board of Directors.
  • BIAs submit annual board appointments to City.
  • City writes and gives report to Council.
​November and/or May ​December and June