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Establishing a BIA - Activities and timelines

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This timeframe shows activities associated with new BIA requests.

​Annual timeframe ​Activity
​Year round
  • ​Interested business community members can contact The City of Calgary BIA staff to understand what a BIA is and the establishement process for a BIA
  • Interested business community members form a committee to establish a BIA call the Establishment Committee.
​Prior to January 15
  • ​Establishment Committee informs City of Calgary BIA staff of desire to submit a request to establish a BIA.
  • Establishment Committee provides a written description and map of proposed geographic boundary of BIA to City of Calgary BIA staff.
​By end of February
  • City of Calgary to map proposed area with detailed property informatioin and ensure accuracy with Establishmen Committee.
  • City of Calgary to provide relevant data associated with potential taxpayers in the proposed area to Establishment Committee.
  • Establishment Committee to conduct publis engagement activities and gather signatures for support of the establishmen of BIA.
​Prior to the end of March
  • ​Establishing Committee may wish to have their request to establish package be looked over by the BIA staff before submission to City Clerks.
​By last business day in March
  • Establishing Committee to submit request to establish packate and signature pages to City Clerks to get stamped and to the City of Calgary's BIA staff on the last business day of March.
  • Signature pages must be signed by pesons who would be taxpayers if an area was establsihed and representing at least 25 per cent of the businesses if an area was established. 
​By April 30 (or within 30 days of receving a request)
  • ​​City of Calgary to verify signatures.
  • After signature verification
    • If 25 per cent is met, we will mail out a notice of request to all potential taxpayers in the proposed area.
    • If 25 per cent is not met a BIA will not be established.
​By June 30 (or 60 days after the notice of request was issued)
  • ​End of waiting period for the submission of a petition objecting to the establishment of a BIA in the requested area.
  • If there is not a valid petition submitted objecting to the establishmen of a BIA, then the request can proceed.
​July and August
  • ​Report to Council preparation by City Administration.
  • Continued engagement activities by the Establishing Committee with persons who would be taxpayers if an area was established..
  • Report to Council for approval.
  • Interim BIA Board is appointed by Council if approved.
  • Following approval of Council, the BIA is to hold an annual general meeting to elect the board and approve the annual BIA budget.
  • ​The BIA Board is appointed through the BIA Board Membership Report.
  • ​Approval of BIA budget through the BIA Budgets and Enabling Bylaws report. 
  • First annual BIA cheque is sent to the BIA Board of Directors by The City of Calgary.

Note: This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the regulations currently in effect. For detailed information, consult the Business Improvement Area Regulation, AR 93/2016