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Making changes to a BIA

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Changing an established BIA’s boundaries​


The following information only applies to changes to boundaries of a BIA already established through a bylaw. The Chair or President of the BIA Board must submit a map with the proposed new boundaries to The City on or before the last business day in March for consideration for approval for the following year.

The request must include:

  • the current name,
  • the desired name, and
  • the name change rationale and
  • supporting information of the board’s rationale.
    • E.g. copies of resolutions, board minutes, discussion about benefits the name change will bring.

After submission, the name change request is presented to Council for their review and potential approval.


Disestablishing a BIA​


To begin the process to disestablish a BIA, business taxpayers in a BIA must petition for a bylaw to disestablish. To be valid, the petition must be signed by taxpayers representing at least 25 per cent of the taxable businesses.

Following the petition, required steps include:

  • confirmation of the petition (completed by The City), and
  • first reading of the bylaw to disestablish the BIA.

After first reading, there are further specifications pertaining to a vote by the BIA taxpayers.

Please note: To disestablish a BIA, you must follow the steps outlined in the Business Improvement Area Regulation.