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Fire safety codes officers for events

One or more standby Fire Safety Codes Officers may attend your event before and during the activity for the safeguarding of life and property.

Special events that require standby Fire Safety Codes Officers include:

  • Public assemblies in a high-rise building
  • Public assemblies in buildings not classified by the Alberta Building Code for public assemblies
  • Concerts inside a sports arena or in buildings other than those classified for public assemblies.
  • All fireworks displays and/or special effects
  • Events involving open flames that not already permitted
  • Fenced outdoor special events
  • Any other special event when deemed appropriate by the Calgary Fire Department. The number of Fire Safety Codes Officers will be determined by the Fire Marshal or his designate.

There will be an hourly fee for the services of each standby Fire Safety Officer and a minimum requirement of two hours work per assigned officer.


Building Owner’s Responsibilities for Fire Safety Equipment