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Pesticide signs - what do they mean?


The City will inform you of any pesticide and herbicide spraying in your area by posting one of the following signs. For further information, please call 311.

pesticide and herbicide spraying in your community

Community signs

Large signs are posted at major roadways entering the specific community four days prior to possible herbicide application.

The posted signs indicate when possible herbicide spraying will commence, the time frame of possible application, and the identification of yellow signs which provide additional information.

pesticide area identification sign

White pesticide area identification signs

Smaller signs are posted at the entry ways, or along the perimeters of the specific park that is being treated just before application commences.

These signs are warning notices to let citizens know that an application activity is taking place, or has taken place inside that particular park.

yellow pesticide applied indicator sign

Yellow pesticide applied indicator signs

Signs are 16 inches X 24 inches and are posted around the specific areas inside the park indicating exactly where the pesticide has been applied.

These signs have all the information pertaining to the product used at the specific location, what pest was being treated, the date and time of application, the active ingredient of the product applied, and the Pest Control Product (PCP) number* associated with the product.

rodent control sign

Rodent control signs

Signs are 16 inches X 24 inches and are posted near the areas where rodent control bait stations have been placed. Bait stations are used for Richardson's Ground Squirrel control.