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Hosting plan

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2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games bidDraft Hosting Plan Concept

The City analyzed the Draft Hosting Plan Concept, prepared by Calgary 2026, and wants to share balanced and neutral information with you.

These topics are based on the results from the 2018 Citizen Perspectives Survey Report released in August, including the specific information Calgarians wanted to know about the potential bid for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

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Title: Community

Description: <div class="ExternalClass077C3B60D3CB4C01BC02BC6EE17A2742"><p>Building an inclusive, safe, accessible, inspiring, healthy and prosperous community for all citizens.</p></div>

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Building an inclusive, safe, accessible, inspiring, healthy and prosperous community for all citizens.

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Environmental sustainability is a priority for Council and The City of Calgary and was a key focus in Calgary 2026’s Draft Hosting Plan Concept (draft hosting plan).

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Venues and facilities

Did the proposed upgrades to existing buildings and construction of new venus fit into what Calgarians think is important for community and recreation facilities?​

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If Calgary proceeded with submitting a bid, there were a number of projected benefits, risks and opportunities that hosting the Games may have had on Calgary's economy​.

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Learn more about the projected costs of the Games.

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By the numbers

​Information and details about how the 2026 Games could have looked.