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Day camps


Day Camps



186 affordable camps. One’s perfect for your kids.



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Day camps

186 affordable camps. One’s perfect for your kids.

Trying new things is an important part of growing up. We have daily and weekly day camps during summer holidays and school breaks. Our camps are for active, creative, and adventurous kids ages 3-17. Sign your kids up to try something different at locations across Calgary.​


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Title: Arts – Dance, Performing and Visual

Description: <div class="ExternalClassB1D25E2EF7FC4C49AD685AA79222EC99"> <p>Explore your creative side. Try your hand at painting, drawing, pottery, dance, and more. We make learning fun.</p></div>


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Arts – Dance, Performing and Visual

Explore your creative side. Try your hand at painting, drawing, pottery, dance, and more. We make learning fun.

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This three-day camp is designed to teach fundamentals such as the swing, chipping, pitching, putting and safety and etiquette on the course.

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Get closer to nature and wildlife with a wide range of outdoor activities and specialty programs for all ages.

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Glenmore Sailing School provides a fun and safe environment to teach the basics of sailing, develop skills and learn to become a sailor.

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School Break

Including; PD days, Christmas Break, Teacher’s Convention and Spring Break.

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​Rock Climbing, Gymnastics, Skateboarding, Skating, Hockey and More.

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Will include a 45-minute swim instructor Swim to Survive session, sports, games, crafts and more.

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Fire Bucket Brigade

Bucket Brigade camps let youth ages 14 – 18, experience four days in the life of a firefighter and gives them a taste of our Fire Cadet program.

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Pre-Care and Post-Care

Pre-care and/or post-care is available for before and after camp hours.

Before you register your child for a camp, it’s important to know:

  • All campers must be the appropriate age for the camp by the first day of camp.
  • As part of the program, camps may leave their facility to walk to nearby green spaces or playgrounds.
  • We do not recommend full day camps for children three and four years old, as camps are physically active and there is no rest time.
  • Children must be toilet trained, do not send your child in a diaper or pull up.
  • Send a change of clothes (underwear and pants) with your child daily.

Are you looking for details about fee assistance? View our fee assistance program information.

How to register for day camps

If you are unsure how to register, having troubles registering, or want to know when you can register for our programs, visit our registration page.

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What to bring to day camp

Food, medication, sunscreen, bug repellant and other necessities should be gathered before attending a day camp and placed in a backpack. Some camps may have additional requirements.

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Day camp forms

Some of our programs require completed forms, waivers, or the download of additional information such as location maps, and supply lists before your child can attend.

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Additional information


Day Camps - main page

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To ensure the safety of our campers, we have put the following standards in place:

  • Day camp leaders are selected based on their experience, ability to relate to children, and leadership skills.
  • Leaders are certified in Standard First Aid and CPR, High Five® Principles of Healthy Child Development, and receive additional City of Calgary training.
  • Lower camper to leader ratios have been put in place for preschool and some specialty camps.
  • We offer lunch supervison for campers registered in a full day or two half-day camps. No pre-registration is required.
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For your child to have their best day camp experience, please make us aware of any needs that could affect their participation. There are times when a child requires more support than our ratios provide. In this case a day camp supervisor will request the parent/guardian to provide a support worker/aide to attend camp with their child.

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Pre-care and post-care are offered at most locations for an additional fee. Pre-registration for this service is required.

  • At most facilities, pre-care begins at 7:30 a.m. and post-care ends at 5:30 p.m.
  • Golf camps do not offer pre-care or post-care.
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Signage may be posted in each facility indicating drop-off and pick-up areas. Once registered read your receipt for more information.

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In the event that a parent or guardian is late to pick up the camper, a late fee may be charged. If you are going to be delayed, please contact 311 and ask to be transferred to the facility so that you can inform day camp staff of the delay.

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​Once registered, you will receive a receipt that will indicate if you are required to fill out a waiver. Waivers can be found at