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Fee Assistance

In order to get access to Calgary Recreation's Fee Assistance Program, each applicant must first be approved by Fair Entry. For application information please visit Fair Entry.

Note: Once you are approved for The City's Fair Entry program (and have chosen Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance), you can attend any Calgary Recreation leisure centre or aquatics centre to receive your Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance Card and begin using it right away. Please provide Recreation staff with your Fair Entry approval letter and a piece of photo ID so they can search your information quickly.

Fee Assistance for group admissions | Signup for the fee assistance e-newsletter

For questions, review the Fee Assistance Program’s Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not addressed, contact 311 and ask to be put in touch with the Fee Assistance group.

Registered Programs

Note – Fee Assistance cannot be applied to online registrations. 

Almost all registered programs offered by the City are eligible under the Fee Assistance program (some restrictions may apply).

Children and youth (17 years of age and under) may take up to four programs to a maximum subsidy of $250 (whichever comes first) during a 12 month period. Fee assistance recipients receive 90% of the registration fee to a maximum of a $100 credit towards their program. For example, if a program was $39.50, the fee assistance rate would be $3.95. For a day camp that costs $168, the fee assistance rate would be $68. The customer pays the total balance due, on any charges over and above the $250 maximum subsidy.

Adults may register in one program per 12 month period and pay 10 per cent of the registration fee. The maximum subsidy is $50. The customer pays the total balance that is over the maximum subsidy, For example, a class that costs $41.15 would cost $4.11 under fee assistance.


Aquatic Fitness Facilities and Leisure Centres - Customers with a Fee Assistance card will receive a 75% discount on the general admission drop-in rates at our Indoor Pools, Fitness, and Leisure Centres.

10x or 30x and Build-a-Pass - Fee Assistance participants will also receive a 75% discount on 10X, 30X and Build-a-Pass (a monthly or yearly pass program) passes with the following criteria:

  • Passes MUST expire prior to or at the same time as your Fee Assistance subsidy.
  • With the exception of the 12 month passes. Those MUST expire prior or within 15 days of your Fee Assistance expiry.
  • For 10X and 30X passes it will be as follows:


​Can be purchased at the Fee Assistance rate of 75% off admission during (*Note – 12 month passes MUST expire prior or within 15 days of your Fee Assistance Expiry date):

​10X Passes

​Months 1 through 12 of subsidy year*

​30X Passes

​Months 1 through 11 of subsidy year

Note - If it is 10 days until subsidy expires a 10x pass can be purchased. If 8 days or less until subsidy expiry, no pass can be purchased.

Differed/Scheduled payments will only be offered at the Leisure Centres and only on 12 month passes. All pass rules will apply (i.e. $25.00 administration fee, two months up front).

*NOTE – Any Fee Assistance customer with an existing 10X or 30X pass can upgrade to a Build-a-Pass with no administration charge. All passes expire 24 months after purchase.

Golf Fee Assistance

Clients with a valid Fee Assistance Card (and photo ID) can visit any clubhouse to request a Fee Assistance Account for Golf.

  • The account remains in the system only. No card is provided to the client.
  • A Fee Assistance Account for Golf is for individual use only and is valid for up to 10 rounds of golf when a current Recreation Fee Assistance card and photo ID are presented at check-in.
    • Each game, of either 18 or 9 holes, played will be equivalent to one round.
    • A maximum of one Fee Assistance Account for Golf per person per golf season.

Time Restrictions: Fee Assistance rates are available anytime Monday to Thursday and after 2 PM Friday to Sunday and Holidays.

  • 18 hole play is available at McCall Lake 18, Maple Ridge, and Shaganappi Point 18.
  • 9 hole play is available at McCall Lake Par 3, Richmond Green, Lakeview, Shaganappi Valley 9, Confederation Park, and at the 18 hole courses in the following circumstances:
    • Back 9 Play first hour the course is open
    • Late Day 9’s after the last designated 18-hole tee time
    • Walk-on play during other times of day, only if space and time permits. Priority will go to 18 hole golfers.

The level of difficulty varies between facilities. The City of Calgary offers golf courses suited to those new to the game, and for those looking for a more challenging experience. Review New to Golf for guidelines, policies, etc…

Full golf course information, including how to book a tee time, hours of operation, opening status and clubhouse locations is available at

Fee Assistance rates are 65% off the posted Adult green fee. Green fee rates vary by course and may change without notice:

  • Fee Assistance rates cannot be combined with any other offer and will not be further discounted in the event reduced green fee rates are in effect (e.g. temporary green rates, etc…).
  • A valid Fee Assistance card and photo ID must be presented at each visit to receive the Fee Assistance rate.
  • Golf Administration is the final authority on all conditions of use and associated interpretations.
  • Management reserves the right to revoke or suspend playing privileges for reasons including (but not limited to) failure to comply with facility rules and regulations, policies, standards of behaviour or conditions of use.

Youth Golf – Juniors 6-15 years of age who have been approved for Fee Assistance have access to free opportunities to learn and play golf through The City's Junior and Family Golf Subsidy program.

Support Workers / Aides

For information on Support Workers / Aides please click here.

Fee Assistance Partners

In order to access all partner facilities at the Fee Assistance rate, each person must show their Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance card. A Fee Assistance rate is available at the following facilities:

Individual Fee Assistance partners set their own rates. The rates may change without notice. *Note – Your Recreation subsidy will not be impacted should you visit any of our partners.

Through Fee Assistance you will also receive:

One free Calgary Public Library card per person as well as access to the Sun Life Financial Arts and Culture Pass. For more info go to The initiative is in partnership with Sun Life Financial, The Calgary Public Library and the City of Calgary Fee Assistance Program.

A big thank you...

Fee assistance is funded by the City of Calgary, The City of Calgary Children's Reserve Fund and Canadian Tire Jumpstart.