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Expect more from your waste

Whether it’s for cost savings, creating efficiencies or doing the right thing, more companies are taking steps to invest in recycling and compost programs.

Your success is our success! We have resources to help whether you’re setting up a new waste program or looking for ways to improve.

Below, you will find in-depth articles with tips and resources to help you create successful recycling and compost programs that can save your business money.

Order a waste audit kit
We loan out waste audit kits that can help you make the most out of your waste programs. To order a waste audit kit, call 311 or fill out an online service request.

Business waste resources
Find online tools, signs and posters, best practices and success stories to help you get started. See Business Waste Program: Tools and Resources.

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Five waste savvy businesses

Going green is good for your bottom line – it brings in new customers, creates loyalty, and can save you money.

Meet five waste savvy businesses who have taken ‘going green’ to a new level.​

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Title: What's in my business' waste bin?

Description: <div class="ExternalClass7224446125924EC3BEB8D432D7D4FA97">Knowing what types of waste your business makes, the amount and where it is coming from can help you design an efficient and cost-effective program.</div>

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What's in my business' waste bin?

Knowing what types of waste your business makes, the amount and where it is coming from can help you design an efficient and cost-effective program.

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Choosing a waste collection provider

Choosing a company to assist you in your waste collection is an important decision and a little work up front could save you big dollars and hassle in the long term.

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Getting your staff and customers on board

Reducing waste and disposing of materials properly helps both the environment and can reduce your business costs. But how do you get your staff and customers to help you?

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There's a 'bin' for that!

Storing your bins and recycling in a convenient and accessible space is a critical part of your waste program. Here are tips to help you create the right space for waste.

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Take your program to the next level

Studies have shown that organizations that have social and environmental policies attract and retain staff and appeal to a growing market of customers. Is your business already great at recycling and composting?