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Green Cart compost giveaway

The City of Calgary offers complimentary compost for residents to use in their yards and gardens in the spring. The compost is made from the food and yard waste collected in the Green Cart program.

When can I pick up compost?

The 2020 compost giveaway events are currently postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic as gatherings over 50 people are currently not permitted. 

Please stay tuned for event updates later in 2020.​

For free mulch (wood chips), please see our Yard Waste page.

Green Cart Compost Giveaway  

How to use your compost

A little compost goes a long way. Please note: while compost may look like dirt or soil, it is neither. Compost must be used in conjunction with soil and cannot be used as a replacement for soil.

Compost is a soil amendment that can improve the health of lawns, flower beds and gardens. Consult your garden centre, nursery or horticultural expert to determine how to best mix this compost for your specific application. You can also visit for more tips on how to best use the compost in your yard.

The compost can do the following:

  • Enhance soil structure
  • Increase soil nutrient content
  • Improve moisture retention
  • Foster plant health

You can use the compost in many ways:

  • Soil amendment - mix the compost into your soil
  • Top dressing or mulch - spread compost on top of your soil

Is the compost safe to use?

The compost is completely safe to use. The City's indoor composting process maintains temperatures high enough to break down material and kill any pathogens.

The compost is tested and is CQA Certified Category A compost which means it is safe to use in any application.

The compost is 100% natural and made up of the food scraps, leaves, branches and yard waste Calgarians have been putting in the Green Cart composting program.

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