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Fire hydrants in Calgary

Fire hydrants are a part of our fire prevention system and a source of drinking water. The City of Calgary maintains and repairs fire hydrants located on public land.

Fire hydrants are connected to our water system via underground pipes. The water that comes through the hydrant is the same as the water that comes into homes. A hose is attached to the fire hydrant and the valve is opened to provide a flow of water.

Fire Hydrant locations

The map below can help you locate and measure distances to public City of Calgary fire hydrants. Please note: this map does not display privately-owned hydrants.

To open the map in a new browser, visit Calgary Water Hydrant Locations.

Parking and clearance for fire hydrants

When parking your car, do not park within five metres of a fire hydrant. For an overview of Calgary's parking and traffic rules, see ourTraffic Safety Tips handout.

When planting hedges or trees, or building fences, please note the fire hydrant requires two metre clearance on each side of the hydrant and one metre clearance from the side facing away from the street. Learn more at Bylaws Related to Fire Hydrants.

Report an issue with a fire hydrant

Hydrant Out of Service

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, please complete an online service request below or contact 311.

Water - Fire Hydrant

  • Water is flowing from a hydrant with no City of Calgary workers present (on either public or private property)
  • A hydrant has been hit, is missing or a repair is needed
  • A hydrant is frozen

Please note: If a red OUT OF ORDER sign is on a hydrant, the City is aware of the issue. In this situation, it is not necessary to contact 311 or create a service request.


 Examples of Calgary fire hydrants


Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Hydrant Picture Five
  • Hydrant Picture Four
  • Hydrant Picture One
  • Hydrant Picture Six
  • Hydrant Picture Three
  • Hydrant Picture Two

Hydrant usage permits

All users must apply using a hydrant usage permit prior to using a fire hydrant; permits are only issued by The City of Calgary Water Department.

Please note: There is a $5,000 deposit required on hydrant permits.

Once approved, all authorized hydrant users are provided with a backflow/meter assembly or meter assembly device.

If you are a contractor, consultant, developer or landscaper requiring a temporary water permit, a water meter in order to use a hydrant or have any further questions about hydrant use and permits, please contact our technician at 403-268-4416 or 403-268-4712.

Returning a hydrant meter

All hydrant meters must be returned to the following address:

The City of Calgary Water Centre
625 25 Avenue SE
Shipping and receiving door
Lower East Entrance

Fire Hydrant flow test

The City also performs flow tests on fire hydrants. If you are looking for the results from a previous test or would like to request a new test, please visit fire hydrant flow tests.

Other fire hydrant questions

Please contact Calgary Bylaw Services regarding any of the following activities. For more information about water regulations or restrictions, see the Water Utility Bylaw​.​

  • Painting private hydrants
  • Obstruction of hydrants
  • Report theft of water from a City-owned fire hydrant
  • Confiscated equipment